Breakfast village is finished!
"Get ready to receive refugees," said a leader of the third pupil in Lvrongcheng, squinting at the distance, and then said, "By the way, remember to protect the village head of Breakfast Village. He is a talent!"
Just then, not far from Zhuang, he reached out and pointed forward.
"Boom boom!" At the same time, the dense explosion sounded on the ground, and several iron vines grew wildly.
Chapter 75 Death to the enemy!
As soon as the giant dogs rush forward, nothing seems to be able to stop them in this world.
Opposite them, not far from the small stone head village, I raised my hand.
On the one hand, it can stop the fighters, on the other hand, it is too small to see Zhuang.
As if it were about to collapse, the earth has done its best.
What’s the point of making such a move at this time?
But the scene shocked all the spectators to almost suffocate.
Not far from Zhuang, when the fingers are raised, the plants will grow from the ground in an instant.
That moment, not far from Zhuang, was like calling the gods of nature!
Facing the attacking giant dog is not far from Zhuang, but seems to be this land, this forest and this whole world!
It’s God’s wrath!
"Creaking" dozens of war giant dogs are covered and entangled by iron vines almost at the same time!
Not far from Zhuang, he stretched out his hand and clenched the crazy growth of the iron vine, which seemed to be responding to him. He instantly tightened his strangulation ability, which was one hundred times more terrifying than that of the python, and tightly bridled the giant dog of the first war.
A few heavy-duty giant dogs rushed in front suddenly exploded, and the fragments didn’t fly out, just like being pinched by a big hand and abruptly pulled back by iron wire vines.
Not far from Zhuang, the fist is tight and tight!
"Bang …"
"bang! !”
The third explosion should be that the enemy bombed the front passage, but it was lighter than one, and stronger than one, until it rushed to the front. The giant dog of the 20 s and 30 s war Hwa-Sung Do planted a dense forest of iron wire vines
At that moment, Zhuang was not far away. Tianyi roared, "The manor is me and I am the manor! Come to the enemy-die! "
A physical force instantly blessed Zhuang, and his body instantly expanded to more than four meters high.
At the same time, the soldiers and servants of the manor also ignited the dim light and shadow, and the power spread over them.
Everyone has forgotten the fear before and feels that their blood is burning like gasoline! Burning! Burning!
A roar resounds through the sky, and it seems that even the roar of the earth will be crushed.
Even the card guide couldn’t help yelling. His hair almost stood up behind his clothes.
The rapid assault dog team was abruptly stopped, as if it were caught by the neck. Poisonous pythons crawled in Lyon with their necks tied, but they were at a loss.