"Food ….." Blood shadow shape distorted sound madness.
"Crazy" Zhou Jia shook his head and gently shook his hand. Lei Guang’s eyes danced with weapons.
"Then let me see how strong you are?"
"Wow …"
Blood shadow, low mouth and low drink, suddenly disappeared in situ.
Zhou Jia’s squinting divinity suddenly slows down when he starts, but even so, the blood shadow speed is still amazing.
Magic skill-royal thunder chop!
Chapter 129 Terror
Weighing tens of thousands of pounds, the thunder axe staff is as light as straw waving speed in Zhou Jia’s hands.
It’s a flash
Red and white light is strange blood shadow bump together.
Seize the day!
Since the advanced magical skill, the imperial thunder has been able to gather the meaning of one side’s strength and strength.
Just god’s will can kill evil spirits!
And the moves are tempered by the two characteristics of commanding troops and realizing the law. Raise your hands and raise your feet to make people hide and avoid.
The thunder axe, the magic staff, avoids the shadow of blood, and the sharp edge is severely cut in the other side’s waist and ribs.
The huge power directly blasted out the two glaciers in air billow, and the ground was even more abrupt and heavy.
And as a result …
Zhou Jia’s heart jumped wildly and his body suddenly retreated.
A claw of blood streaked across the place where he had just stood, and the strong wind just passed by, tearing the robe out of the way.
It’s like a thing that the thunder axe and the staff split in the blood shadow!
Not nothing.
A crack appeared in the waist rib of the blood shadow, but the crack was only three feet long and was being repaired at an alarming rate.
And such injuries obviously can’t affect the blood shadow movement.
"shua shua!"
Even if you lose your mind, the original energy still makes the blood shadow simple and full of a special aesthetic feeling.
Extreme speed and terror make up for the gap in skills and weapons between them.
Zhou Jia repeatedly collided with a thunder axe and a staff.
He wants to hide.
Only to find that you can’t hide.
He wants to return it
I suddenly realized that I had already retired.
Compared with him, the blood shadow has the speed and strength of rolling, and it has a sense of impact through collision, which is full of chaos.
If it weren’t for Zhou Jia’s firm mind and active star support, he would have lost his mind.
After all, it was thousands of miles apart on that day, and today, when we really met, we realized that it was so unbearable to face the Five Ghost Children.
Invincible flesh!
Incredible speed!
Enough to crush everything!
Once again, I collided with Zhou Jia and couldn’t bear to lean back. The consciousness inspired me to wrap myself firmly.
Blood shadow mouth hair ferocious roar swoops down.
very short time
Boxing shadows are heavy, and claw shadows are like rushing into the mountains. The terrorist forces almost tore the ten-day sky on the spot.