"What?" Jia Shenghui was stunned. "What?"
"Say the net asset value is not enough …"
Jia Shenghui pinched his head and wrinkled his eyebrows into a ball.
Insufficient net asset value? Why are you kidding me?
If accounting caliber is not unified or the calculation method is different, there may be a big error, but no matter how much the error, it is impossible to make the net asset value insufficient!
Hmm … Is this the one who wants to keep a low profile?
There is also such an explanation, otherwise how could you not even make the list?
I don’t know how many invisible rich people were dug up before the Jin Hui Festival. This time, not far from Zhuang, I actually wanted to be invisible. Guo ran Niu cha
Jia Shenghui shook his hand and thanked Master Zhuang for not killing Eun!
Rest assured, Jia Shenghui is comfortable physically and mentally and asks the assistant, "Who is the second this year?"
"The second name is Li Zhicheng worth 11.7 billion."
"I had a narrow squeak! Almost passed, but what is this one who is not familiar with? "
"big coin circle"
"Mom sells the batch" even Jia Shenghui couldn’t help cursing "I worked hard for several years and almost lost to a speculative coin?"
Just as people in the whole industry can’t understand the internet industry, how can I work so hard to get more money than others who fool me with a few PP?
Sometimes Jia Shenghui feels that he really can’t understand the world.
These pigs in the Internet are less productive and have entities to work hard for, and employees should be laid out and have entities.
How can such a group of speculators be rich without doing anything?
And almost surpassed yourself?
Mom, the egg has developed into this world to eat jujube pills!
Old man Jia in the manor found Zhuang not far away and said, "Master Zhuang, let’s issue currency!"
Chapter 676 Candy paper licks once and loses successful people.
Since the recruitment of old man Jia, the development of breakfast village has changed with each passing day.
In addition to the permanent population and villagers, the scale of the city is also growing.
Old man Jia led people to set up a simple standard booth, stipulated the size of each booth, and also included the booth management when the booth was put out and closed.
The manor sugar has become a hard currency, and a large number of people come here every day, which also represents business opportunities. Many forces have set up sentries near the breakfast village, and recently a prototype of bulk material trading has emerged.
Around the breakfast village, a large piece of land was cultivated by old man Jia and the villagers, and bluestone leafstar features were planted.
Farmers have an ability to distinguish things. They seem to know which things can be planted and can produce high yields by simply hiding them.
On the periphery of farmers’ land reclamation, there are still a large number of homeless people gathered and divided into more than a dozen large and small gathering places. Although humble, they are trying to follow the rules of breakfast village. Old man Jia did not drive them away, but trained several apprentices to help them establish order and organization. Not far away, he felt that he was going to single spark can start a prairie fire carelessly.
And the biggest wish of these vagrants is to join the breakfast village and do everything hard, but the old man Jia is not too hard on them to ensure that they have enough to eat.
According to Jia Laotou’s estimation, there are 10,000 people in the vicinity of Breakfast Village plus floating population.
The huge flow of people has also spawned more trading needs.
These vagrants are all poor and long-lived, let alone manor coins. There is not even a scrap of manor coins. Generally speaking, trading can be bartered.
But their supplies are too poor. If they want to eat a bird’s egg, they have to change from firewood to socks, from socks to straw hats, from straw hats to slippers, from slippers to fruit and from fruit to root. Finally, they are late for the bird’s egg.
Maybe if you switch to a straw hat, you’ll be too hungry to stand it. Just eat the straw hat and you can’t even stick to the fruit.
Wave energy and wave physical strength
Recently, the blue stone leafstar sugar sold not far from Zhuang has enriched many kinds.
However, in the era of exile, people are still in the primary stage of eating sugar, and the demand for sugar is the first. The purer sugar, the more popular it is.
Besides sugar cubes, the most popular one is a kind of simple candy paper packaging brown candy, which is probably the kind that children don’t eat now.
It is a luxury for vagrants to eat sugar. Even if a candy is eaten up, it is not willing to lose it. Take it out and lick it.
And this candy paper is colorful and particularly beautiful. Even if you look at it, you are happy.
I don’t know when candy paper suddenly became popular, and I don’t know from whom candy paper was exchanged, but before I knew it, candy paper became universal equivalent, that is, money.
A piece of candy paper can be exchanged for two small eggs, a bundle of firewood, a new straw hat and semi-old socks …
Old man Jia discovered this spontaneous currency when a refugee bought meat with candy wrappers one morning. He thought this exchange method was very suitable for breakfast village.
So he immediately officially launched the "sugar paper for sugar" activity in this currency
Ten pieces of candy paper for a cube of sugar, which equates the value of the candy paper to one tenth of a cube of sugar.
Old man Jia is not an economic expert, he did it consciously, but this also coincides with the development track of the monetary body.