A violent and chaotic atmosphere rushed out of the magic box and let Herak, the blacksmith who just got together, sit on the ground.
There is a complete skeleton face of the evil general in the magic box. It seems that the blood behind the skeleton face has not dried up yet. It is this face smell that makes everyone around you’s heart beat violently. This smell can easily make people feel an unprecedented panic.
Surdak noticed that Herak, the blacksmith, was short of breath, and even his eyes were straight. He quickly reached out and condensed a holy light, stretched out his hand to cover his head and released the holy light.
Herak, the blacksmith, was injected with the holy light, and the panic in his heart was quickly expelled from his body
And he also got up from the ground again, although he was a little scared, but when he saw Suldak and Drake, two commanders, looking forward to it, he could crustily skin of head and stretch out his hand to hold this evil ghost bone face out of the magic box.
He put his bone face on the platform, feeling the horrible breath that constantly impacts his body, and felt that this bone face still had certain vitality.
Slave Herak, the blacksmith, shook his head and drove the fear out of his body. He carefully examined the evil spirit’s bone face and asked Surdak trembling, "Commander, what kind of shield do you want to transform this bone armor into?"
Surdak found that although the blacksmith was scared badly, he still showed a very professional professionalism.
I spoke some of my thoughts.
It’s really simple to give an ordinary shield skin when Suldak asked Herak, the blacksmith, to take a breath gently. This bone face is expensive and limited by the size of the bone face, so the choice of metal shield is limited.
After measuring and thinking twice, the blacksmith Herak finally said to Surdak, "Your bone face can be covered with iris shield. The size of the metal chain shield is too small. Some large round shields can be inlaid, but my melting furnace is too small. I recommend you to use iris shield."
Surdak thought it was temporary and readily agreed to come.
After seeing things settled here, Commander Drake was followed all the way. The adjutant please go. After all, his army is leaving the forest farm camp, and many things are waiting for him to deal with.
Herak, the blacksmith, found a metal iris shield from the warehouse behind him, picked up the blacksmith’s hammer, knocked it and barely covered his face. The iris shield was a bloody smell of bones and faces, which could not be eliminated even if it was baked in the stove.
However, it is very easy for him to transform this shield. It is a few iron hoops that fix the bone face. The iris shield looks rough, but it keeps the bone face of the evil general as it is.
Surdak raised the shield and tried it. The Goethe shield was a little lighter than before, but it was a white bone shield with fangs and long horns and a ferocious ghost face, which made it look like it had an original flavor. Every time the shield was waved, the chaotic smell of the bone face would fluctuate with it …
Chapter 1394 First Ant Cavalry
It looks good!
Little Surdak thinks so.
He cut a few times at random at the edge of the broad sword bone shield. When the blade touches the bone face, it’s like inserting the blade into a sticky honey jar. It’s not that it can’t be cut. It’s that the chaotic atmosphere around him is like a real sticky liquid around the blade, which greatly slows down the cutting speed of the blade.
The bones of general evil spirits are like tough rubber broadsword, which leaves a trace on the face and cannot cause substantial damage to the bone shield.
Herak, the blacksmith, saw the strength of a broad sword with magical properties in Surdak, and he was still worried that the broad sword would split the bone shield in half until Surdak tried several times to damage the bone shield and hung a heart.
Herak, an army blacksmith, has certainly seen the world.
He knew that the magic pattern on the broad sword face was some magic gain effect, and the magic pattern wrapped the whole sword body, not to mention that the broad sword was valuable.
It is such a magic broadsword that cuts the bone shield and leaves a slight impression. This is by no means how exquisite his skills are, and the strength of the bone shield itself is improved, but this bone face is a high-grade magical material.
Herak, the blacksmith, secretly breathed a sigh of relief that such a high-level magic material didn’t hit himself.
Thought of here, he finally wanted to take a closer look at what material the bone shield skin was made of.
It’s just a bone face stripped from an evil spirit …
It’s not unheard of by the blacksmith Herak, but this bone face looks a little overflowing, and the smell is stronger.
Surdak will firmly tie his right arm and see some confusion at the barracks gate and walk towards the barracks gate.
When I got closer, I saw a group of ghost-tattooed soldier ants carrying a lot of bacon stopped by a group of guards. Outside the camp, the guards pointed warily at the soldiers outside the camp with spears, and the soldiers commanded the ghost-tattooed soldier ants to be helpless at the door of the Druid camp.
Commander Drake came from the barracks with a team of pro-guards in a hurry, as if he had turned around these soldiers and asked Surdak, "Commander Surdak, did you bring them …?"
Surdak nodded and said, "They are prisoners of war captured by me in the Bailin plane."