"Just keep playing!"
"The master of the manor is mighty and iron!"
This world is not far from Zhuang. If a slap is not enough, slap again!
The servants of the manor applauded at the back. Not far from the village, they waved their hands in front, and the whole manor painting style was so biased by the village forever.
After a while, Zhuang waved his hand not far away and the speed slowed down.
Servants are wondering, "Master Zhuang, what’s wrong with you? Go on! "
"Yes, we are looking at it!"
Not far from zhuang hands drooping "also play? My arm is so tired that I am cramping! "
Everyone looked at the gate, and a big hole had been punched in indigo face, but the problem was …
How thick is this door? When will it be penetrated?
Others dig the wall by Lan Xiang Zhuang’s face!
"Don’t be discouraged, Master Zhuang."
"Master Zhuang, I’ll rub your shoulders."
"Master Zhuang, make persistent efforts!"
"Maybe the owner of the manor is behind, and the owner will refuel!"
Not far from Zhuang, I suddenly feel that hitting my face is not fun at all!
Mom, I’m tired of playing. It’s tiring to hit my face!
In the era of exile, the alarm suddenly sounded in the town of three cities, ten towns and one stone town, and there was a huge burst of war-torn walls, and the guns turned around and pointed to the group of big dogs flying in the sky.
"Pirates attack! Everyone defends the city wall! " The soldiers tied up quickly and then the captain of the guard fired a warning shot into the sky.
Tieshi Town is a small town located in an abandoned manor. It is made up of several mine caves and blacksmiths, and smoke billows everywhere. Its main population is the Nasonia people. It is the largest manufacturing base of arms dealers and mechanical giant dogs in the whole exile era, but the resources in the whole exile era are extremely poor. Ninety people can wander around the vast expanse to search for resources, and very few Nasonia people will settle in Tieshi Town.
But that doesn’t mean that people in Tieshi Town are easy to mess with. People in Nasonia have a strong temper, even old arms and legs are not easy to deal with.
Not to mention there is an elite guard stationed here all the year round.
In the face of this, even the black triangle thieves dare not expect to stop at a distance.
Then a war giant dog came to Chengtou with white chess, and an old and degenerate dragon man came out. "We didn’t come for invasion, we want to see the wise!" "
"There are no wise men here!" The guards looked at each other and said, "I warn you to retreat at once! If you take one more step, our Sunllians will fight! "
"Young people, you are too young to let your elders come out." The fallen dragon is humane
"I said there is no wise man here! Get out! "
"Young people, please be patient or many people will die." The old fallen dragon grinned with a ferocious smile. "Trust me, you don’t want to fight with our black triangle thieves!"