Instantly, with the influx of Xu tui’s spirit, Xu tui’s spirit poured into the pulse of planet Y. Xu tui felt that he had been able to control this pulse.
Of course, it was achieved with the assistance of the seal of the immortal emperor in Antarctica.
At this moment, Xu feels that he controls the pulse of Y planet and he becomes the real master of this Y planet!
Even to a certain extent, it can control the trend of the Y planet’s veins.
"Into the real master of planet Y …"
Whispering, Xu retreated and smiled suddenly. He made a decision.
A very hi decision!
At the same moment, the whole Y planet boomed and shook like an earthquake.
In the epicentre of the play, a winding passage leading to the underground vein appeared.
The substantial source energy in the earth vein in the smoke and dust also spews out from the ground.
Chapter one thousand and seventy-nine Exhausted ze and fishing unblocking procedures
Looking at the ultra-high concentration source pouring out from the deep underground of planet Y, I suddenly thought of Mars.
The way that the underground energy channels of Mars rush out is a bit like that of Planet Y, but the difference is that the number of underground energy channels of Mars is as high as seven.
And planet y has one
Moreover, the underground energy channel of planet Y is controlled by the seal of the immortal emperor of Antarctica.
How did the underground energy channel of Mars come into being?
Or was the Martian core swallowed or had an accident?
At that time, doubts floated and Xu retreated.
What happened on Mars?
Just as Xu retreated to think, he was suddenly practicing Ruan Tianzuo and suddenly opened his eyes.
"Where can a high concentration source come from?"
Mouth exclaimed Ruan Tianzuo instantly turned into a flash of fire and rushed to Xu’s side.
Looking at Xu back side spewing out dense smoke column as source energy column was surprised.
"How high is this … this source energy concentration?"
Ruan Tianzuo marveled that Wula and other people in the expeditionary army also remitted.
Xu retreat ignored Ruan Tianzuo, but quickly hit a set of latest seven-star shaped array in all directions and instantly started the seven-star shaped array.
At this moment, Xu retired to start the seven-star shaped array, in order to jet the source energy from the underground vein together.
Although the source energy concentration of this jet from the ground is very high, the source energy concentration is not much higher if it is scattered in all directions.
The seven-star shaped array developed by Yanzi is still very powerful.
With the start of the shaped charge array, the source energy spewed out from the underground vein was gathered in front of this 100-meter area in Fiona Fang.