"You’re just right to unload the sugar! I will go to the Second Hospital of Virtual City! " Zhuangbulong avenue
I’m worried about not having a car
"Yes," Mr. Xie came to ask what directly turned the car around.
The queen of stone ants over there found a small pile of sugar sucked up in one gulp and shook her body angrily and shouted, "I want more!" "
"Shut up!" Not far from Zhuang grumpily roars a "give me a little quiet old now have something! If you don’t stop the old bucket, you will be bloody! "
The queen of stone ants should be silent and wave two tentacles. I don’t know what I’m thinking.
"Go with me to the virtual city second hospital! Go flat! " Not far from Zhuang waved his hand, and the servants of the manor crawled to the car.
More than three meters tall, people who are thick and ridiculous, Nasonia people, people who are scared to death, hairy people, cats and Wang Xingren …
Such a combination should be as popular as possible.
Not far from Zhuang, I saw two fallen dragons crawling to the car and staring, "What are you doing? Guard the house for me! If you are so actively worried about the manor soldiers when someone invades the manor! "
Three catties, four ounces, and two ounces, coming from the car a little sheepishly.
It’s a pity that such a fun thing can’t be lively.
Dad Zhuang next to him also pulled a cart of old buddies to the manor, and he planned to go out after the father and son met.
"Master Zhuang, what happened?" Not far from Zhuang and Zhuang’s dad are crazy, like Liu Jingue coming out in panic.
"Mom, someone dares to hit my mom!" Not far from Zhuang, I was so angry that I flew into a rage
Liu Jinge also wants to say that the owner of the manor should not be impulsive.
At this time, I immediately waved my hand. "Please rest assured that the manor will be left to us!"
Liu Jinge waved, "Where are the manor militia?"
"Yes!" A group of people came out, including farm servants and farm labourers, all of whom were middle-aged and elderly people in their fifties.
But they have one thing in common, that is, they served in the army.
The state veterans’ group is still very large, which is shown at this time.
"Swear to the death to protect the manor!"
"ouch! Swear to guard the manor! "
Looking at the tragic militia group Zhuang not far away
I’m just going out to hit someone. It’s only two hours away at most. Why are you guys fighting to the death at home?
It won’t be so unlucky. I just have enemies when I go out. Come on
Zhuang shook his head not far away, and when he turned his head, he saw that three catties and four taels were coming, but the servants of the manor had already covered the back compartment, and a group of people piled up in the compartment like three military parades.
The ink men are carrying the Nasonia people, and the Nasonia people are carrying the velvet people, holding the cats, and the cats are standing on the heads of Wang Xingren, mixed with several humans …
Not far from Zhuang, I added my forehead for a long time.
Mom is always hitting people instead of going to the circus!
"Come and come!" I’m afraid so many strange people were stopped on the way out.
Not far from Zhuang, look at the heroic manor militia next to it, then look at the car and wave, "The manor militia will go out with me!"