Hoa wailed and nodded his head. The islanders kept pouring into the thatched cottage with tears in their eyes to see the old clan’s last side. Brother Gan came to the seaside with crying. "Don’t cry, girl. Your grandfather will be sad, happy and healthy when he looks at you crying in heaven. This is what your grandfather wants to see …"
The next day, the elder brother, Ke Yong, Zhang Yang, buried him with the islanders. The old patriarch buried him. He often went to the mountainside in the direction of the sea and China. Grandpa Aly made his favorite noodles and put them in front of the grave. She didn’t cry because she promised him to live well.
After doing all this, Brother Gan planned to go back. Iowa wanted to keep them in a few days. After all, they were tired for so many days. Anyway, they had to have a good rest, but Brother Gan refused. "Iowa Xiansi Island and more than 500 ethnic groups on the island will be left to you. Work hard …"
"Don’t worry, Mr. Wang, I will remember what the old clan told you …" Hoa nodded all night, and both Hoa and Aly seemed to have grown up. After they knew that there was no old clan to rely on, they had to stand on their own feet slowly and see the two speedboats parked on the shore. Hoa quickly said, "Mr. Wang, you can take those two iron things with you. We don’t have to …"
After listening to this, Brother Gan nodded his head. He really didn’t want these modern articles to impact the island’s original ecology and purity. Stopping here was not only not good, but also brought them disaster. Brother Gan even took all the weapons left by pirates from ak47. It was terrible to get rich overnight. When they came into contact with such advanced weapons, the harm must be greater than Chapter 51. Things were solved.
In this way, after saying goodbye to the people of Sidao, Brother Gan took Aly and Ke Yong to an armed helicopter, while the speedboat was driven by Zhang Yang, who had never played this game before, but Li Xiaomeng and Wang Jun really had an addiction. Brother Gan swam in the sea of Wang Yang and their helicopters guided them.
"Xiao Gan, why don’t you tell me what’s going on?" Ke Yong looked at his secretive brother-in-law and finally stared at the inquiry.
Brother Gan smiled and looked up and answered, "I told you this time, do you understand what is top secret? I can’t practice favoritism if you are not senior enough!"
"Don’t give me a careless eye. I’ll ask you what happened to that island without asking you to act!" Ke Yong took one look at the monkey king and the monkey king’s brother-in-law, yelling at him for dealing with the top agent’s brother-in-law. If he didn’t grow up for a few rounds, he would be trapped.
"What’s wrong with the island? Everything is normal on the island! " Dry elder brother so surprised at Ke Yong asks.
"Normal hair is normal! The islanders don’t look like 21st century literati in their clothes, words and deeds. Are you still trying to fool me? !” Ke Yong’s eyes gouged out Brother Gan. If it weren’t for the plane, he wouldn’t be his opponent … If it weren’t for him, he would have cleaned up Brother Gan.
"Oh, I’m sorry, third brother. This is also a part of it. I really can’t tell you. Otherwise, it is to disclose military secrets but to court martial! Why don’t you go back and ask the master? I believe he will give you a satisfactory answer … "Brother Gan looked at his third uncle Ke Yong with a wry smile.
Ke Yong looked at the face of dry elder brother and pretended to be more than a sample. He couldn’t wait to rush to smoke a few mouths. "Fuck! Believe it or not, I will cut you! " I was about to rush away, but I was stopped by the dry brother holding down the smile. Of course, I finally told Ke Yong a thought about the island. I was so happy that Ke Yong grinned like a flower. This third uncle dared not offend him and waited for him to put in a good word when he was working with the little witch!
More than an hour later, Zhang Yang, Li Xiaomeng and Wang Jun, three armed helicopters, led the speedboat to dock at the harbor, while the armed helicopter sailed to the military base of the West Sea Fleet. Little Aly didn’t squeak all the way, sitting alone by the window and looking at the island that had a beautiful childhood.
"Shall I take you home, Xiao Gan?" The west sea fleet command and dry elder brother in parallel with keyong laughed
Dry elder brother with the wave, "Xiao Xuan is still my hometown. You still lend me your car. I’ll go to the plain …"
"That little girl plain! What happened to my hometown? " Ke Yong remembered a while ago that his baby sister called herself to pick up Aly Jr. and Hu Xiaoling. At that time, she asked her where the little girl had gone to see her in-laws.
"It’s nothing. Dad is a little uncomfortable, but he’s almost healed …" Brother Gan said, taking the car keys handed over by Ke Yong and looking down quietly at his side. Little Aly asked, "Brother, will you take you to your brother’s hometown to meet your grandparents, Aly?"
Aly that little girl looked up and stared at her that day really evil eyes look at the dry elder brother clever nodded gently back to a "well …"
Brother Gan, the taxi keeper, carried the little girl into the co-pilot and then turned to the driver’s seat to hit the door. Ke Yong’s military brand Toyota with red and black words on a white background was overbearing and started. When he heard that the car was modified and was about to leave, Ke Yong patted the window and shouted, "Take it easy for me. Now the military discipline picket office is investigating this matter!"
Seeing that Brother Gan’s left hand was lifted casually, he said goodbye. Then Toyota was overbearing and rushed out like a angry lion. When Ke Yong saw it, he was sad and scolded, "Mom always knew it was no use talking!" After that, I turned and walked to the headquarters. What should I say later? I have to investigate the details of my sharp brother-in-law, especially his 300-400-person private armed forces. Ke Yong is still shocked to see the scene when he went to the special training base that day.
"What about the two speedboats?" Dry elder brother is driving to the plain? Zhang Yang called and asked
"Nonsense! You say how to deal with it! That’s our loyalty hall. Rent a berth at the east and west ports and stop there first! " Dry elder brother shouted that this help a small te his mother won’t live, but I have touched those two speedboats, at least 70% of them have to be kept and then go out to sea. How convenient it is!
Zhang Yang listened to the hey hey smile replied "yes! Let’s do it right away! "
"Well, don’t talk nonsense with outsiders about going back to the base island after finishing. I still have some things to do, so I can’t pass …" Brother Gan said and hung up.
At this time, the five rescued crew members who were in charge of escorting warships in Somali waters successfully received their cargo ship and held a simple reception ceremony. The five crew members were sent to warships last night. For what happened in Sidao, Brother Gan told them, "Don’t say anything if you don’t want to get into trouble with your family. This is a state secret!"
At the same time, the captain of the warship, the Naval Academy, also received a top secret document from the Navy Department, asking them to take charge of receiving the crew. Don’t worry about it. When he saw that Brother Gan delivered the five crew members to him, he was real, but he didn’t know where Brother Gan rescued them. However, the soldiers should never ask him if he was ordered to do it. Of course, the five crew members smiled and nodded, and they were small crew members, not to mention state secrets, which were general secrets.
"Hungry girl?" Brother Gan turned to look at the co-pilot and looked straight ahead. Little Aly asked, seeing my girl shook her head, but brother Gan went to the supermarket convenience store to buy her several boxes of milk drinks and biscuits when she refueled.
"Pad it first, girl. Let grandma cook for you when you get to your brother’s hometown …" Brother Gan handed the plastic bag to Aly and touched her head slightly, then started the car at high speed.
"The old chief thing has been solved!" Zhang Zhentian, who didn’t sleep all night, was relieved after receiving the information from Brother Gan, and reported to Yang Zhongren, who was having breakfast.