Fengyun’s light bass is as fine as flies. "Otherwise, let’s go home and don’t look for any lighthouse village …"
Xiao Linchu smiled again "go back? What about what we suffered earlier? The horse is going to find that Muhan in Lighthouse Village. Do you want to go back at this time? "
Fengyun’s face changed. "How do you know that Mu Han is hiding in Lighthouse Village?"
Xiao Linchu sneered. "Although I know very little about you and Muhan, I can guess that Muhan should be controlled by Lighthouse Village!"
Fengyun pursed her lips and didn’t speak. Xiao Linchu suddenly looked back at her. "Do you want to be a red monkey and then be kept in captivity as an animal by Lighthouse Village, and occasionally let it bite?"
Feng Yunqing was a little unhappy. "You don’t know anything. Why do you guess others at random?"
Xiao Linchu nodded. "I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s because you never say that Fengyun is light. Believe me, will you die? Will it? "
Fengyun looks pale. "I don’t believe you, but you’ve been speculating about Muhan!"
Xiao Linchu twist eyebrow disappointed "now you still believe him? He took you and stabbed me in exchange for Dong Zhu so that he didn’t save your brother. He stole Dong Zhu and made him lie to you! "
Fengyun is a little anxious to show her eyebrows. "He didn’t. He didn’t. If he wanted to hurt me, he would have had thousands of chances. Xiao Linchu, have you ever thought that there is nothing your mother will know about this place in Lighthouse Village? She will know that Lighthouse Village has my antidote and she always doesn’t want to be with you …"
Fengyun shouted angrily and stared at Xiao Linchu.
Xiao Linchu took a deep breath of pneumatic and thin lips. "Although I don’t believe in Bai Jin, I never doubted that she is my mother. She won’t hurt me, but that MuHan killed him once I saw him. Isn’t he immortal? I’ll try to wring him into pieces with silk. I’ll see if he can come back to life … "
Xiao Linchu blocked his mouth with his front hand before his voice fell. "You shut up, you shut up. You mustn’t hurt Mu Han before the truth is clarified!"
He tried to break her hand and talk, but she didn’t hold his mouth tightly. He was angry and gave her a push.
She was already standing on her toes when he pushed her so hard that her whole body staggered backwards.
Fengyun’s angry look at him made him instantly soft-hearted. He just wanted to help her before, but she shouted and tore his mouth. He was caught on the cheek by her paw.
There was a burning pain in his cheeks, especially from the root of his ear to the cheekbone, and he felt that his skin had broken.
Fengyun feels that her fingernails itch a little more than when she looks down, her fingers have become sharper. The hairy fingers like the original scallion roots extend from the red hair and the animal nails make her vomit.
And the sharp fingernails are stained with Xiao Linchu’s flesh and blood.
Her body trembled and she didn’t even know what was wrong with herself.
She screamed and looked at her finger and burst into tears.
Xiao Linchu hurriedly pulled her forward and dragged her into his arms.
She cried hysterically and was more sad than turning into a red monkey.
The scene of a red monkey tearing a person into two pieces with his bare hands came to mind, and she was crying.
She doesn’t want to be like that. She doesn’t want it. She’d rather die.
She sobbed and looked at one side of the sky with her eyes choked. Xiao Linchu saw that she was going to clamp her body tightly. Her voice was cold. "Don’t forget what we are here for. I will find an antidote. I will!"
Fengyun looked at his little face with tears in her eyes. She frowned and was held by him. "What if I can’t find it?"? Xiao Linchu can’t find me and I will become a monster … "
Xiao Linchu comforted and kissed her cheek. "If you can’t find me, there is nothing wrong with being a monster with you. At least you can live forever if you are poor!"
Fengyun shook her head lightly and choked. "Don’t lie to me. You’re not poisoned. You’re not poisoned by the red monkey!"
Xiao Linchu looked down at her for a moment and cried enough before slowly saying, "You tell me how to be poisoned. I’ll be poisoned with you now!"
Fengyun gently bit his lip and beat his body. "Whoever wants you to accompany you is rare. You don’t love me if you accompany your roots …"
Xiao Linchu sighed, "Why don’t you love it?"
How can you not love? Aikenai loves the world and everyone knows that it hurts to love him.
Fengyun is more sad than "I can’t scold you or beat you. If you love me, will you not let me go?"
Xiao Linchu "…"
Outside the house, Xia Yu was there with a rag, quarreling for a while, slapstick for a while, and then Fengyun screamed and cried lightly.
She was dumbfounded.
Did the two men quarrel and fight? I don’t know who wins or loses, but it’s so sad to hear Yunqing’s sister cry. I think Yunqing’s sister lost and was beaten by Xiao Linchu.
She’s sad in her heart. Women are always weak in front of men, especially when they can’t beat the situation.
Oh, no, I haven’t played against Xiao Jinyu, but she has seen his skill, and she certainly can’t beat him.
It seems that from now on, she will practice martial arts more frequently.
When Xiao Jinyu came over, he saw Xia Yu’s stupidity. He raised his eyebrows and said, "What are you doing here?"
Xia Yu hissed at him and pointed to Xiao Jinyu in the room and smiled. "Third sister-in-law always bullies third brother like this!"
Xia Yu jumped up. "Sister Yunqing must have been bullied by your third brother for crying so sadly!"
Xiao Jinyu frowned. "Do you want to make a bet?"
Xia Yu put his hands around his chest and dismissed "What are you betting on?"
"Bet you will be my woman tonight!" Xiao Jinyu’s expression is calm. Chapter 65 He let her know what it is to abandon him.
Chapter 65 He let her know what it is to dislike him.
Xia Yu jumped up. "Sister Yunqing must have been bullied by your third brother for crying so sadly!"
Xiao Jinyu frowned. "Do you want to make a bet?"
Xia Yu put his hands around his chest and dismissed "What are you betting on?"
"Bet you will be my woman tonight!" Xiao Jinyu looks calm and her words are certain.
Xia Yu was startled and frowned at him warily. "What do you want?"
Xiao Jinyu said with a smile, "I don’t want to do it now, but I must do it later …"
Xia Yu bit her lip and turned red. "I won’t bet with you!"
Xiao Jinyu was not surprised. "Are you afraid of losing?"
Xia Yu snorted, "It’s too much to dare me and you!"
She turned and walked Xiao Jinyu whispered, "Xia Yu, I’m afraid your father will destroy us …"
Xia Yu turned around and looked at Xiao Jinyu one leng, and saw that his face was dignified, and his expression was inscrutable.
He continued, "I’m not as confident as you think, Xiaoyu. Maybe things are far more complicated than you think!"
If the red monkey poison really comes from the lighthouse village, then the third brother will definitely fight with the lighthouse village, and Xia Yu, the village chief’s only daughter, will she still be by his side without hesitation as she is now?
If he hurt her father because of his third brother and sister-in-law, would she be with him with a firm belief in judging right from wrong?
He is really not sure that there is a way to think about it, although it is inferior and not necessarily available