There are many women who can become the Empress of the Tang Dynasty, but the marriage system is introduced before the game, and the suitor must have a good impression, even if the country is no exception; Therefore, the girls who stopped the suitors and threw confessions at Chitantan immediately had a chance to be one step ahead. Lian Xiuxin and Su Feiqing are two hot spots, and there are some well-known women in the Jianghu, such as Liu Limei, Miao Huan, Bai Ling, Lian Qingxia and so on (it really is an online game in gay friends! Actually, one didn’t push down)
The most favorable feeling is that Shi Lianxiu’s heart is pure and clear, but these two men are not satisfied with Ci Hang Jing Zhai, who is high in the Jianghu but unpopular in the court. Whether it is NPC or players, these ministers don’t agree to let Shi Lianxiu become a queen.
Su Fei-ching’s shortcoming is that she has no backer. Although she was born very well and her fate was bumpy, she stayed in the Hedgehog Corps. Although she became a queen, there would be no consorts like this. However, it is also a time of war, and the marriage partner of the country must be of great benefit to the country and the country, and it is best to marry a country’s wife and sister.
Guo Chongtao’s proposal to marry Zhao Kuangyin’s younger sister-Zhao Min’s proposal that a player’s head be destroyed and the machine wait for a ticket immediately scares him to shout out against it; Nima really let Chitan Dan marry Zhao Min, that is, Jiao. That’s because Zhao Min used to be Chitan Dan’s abdomen black school teacher. Chitan Dan’s small estimate will be calculated to death. Once Chitan Dan is calculated to death, they will not marry Zhao Min with bad luck.
In the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Chai Rong had several daughters without a younger sister, but the oldest daughter was nine years old. You can’t let the monarch marry a nine-year-old female doll, can you? Then I didn’t mean to marry the master sister of Liao country. As soon as this proposal came out, NPC veterans vomited a face of saliva and said that our emperor Han would never marry the conference semifinals, which would confuse the lineage.
Machine, such as this angry scold Datang Li Shimin era is Hu Hanza/pay now where there are pure Han Chinese (referring to Guo Chongtao, Pang Shigu and other veteran ministers), these are also Hu Hanza/pay what kind of monarch can’t marry Liao Guomei. How do you say that the monarch and Liao Lord are also sworn brothers?
"Kiss your sister, kiss your sister," Guo Chongtao said, making all players’ ministers bloody. This old NPC, which is about to be buried in the coffin, was studied by a player for a long time and found that there was nothing unusual. It can be said that it was near Zhu Zhechi, and it was ok to learn a word or two from players, such as Guo Chongtao.
Sitting in the dragon chair, the Lord looked at the player, NPC minister, quarreling over the palace, and finally the Lord ordered the "dinner" for a long quarrel; After the royal banquet, everyone continued to argue about the weakness of the country and asked me if my marriage was okay. Guo was spat on his face by a group of ministers, so he continued to be a puppet.
It’s not that Chitantan is willing to be a puppet, but it’s really not up to him to act alone. It’s very clear that the marriage is also a national event. The Lord can’t abandon the national interests just because he believes in love. Besides, Chitantan doesn’t believe in love!
The quarrel couldn’t solve the problem. Finally, the two factions discussed a way-the Lord was furious when he heard about it. This rotten and vulgar bridge is particularly outdated, okay? The ministers are just saying that it’s okay to recruit well, but it’s not out of date.
However, the imperial edict of the Tang Dynasty imperial monarch’s contest to recruit relatives provoked a few days of anger, and the beauty recognized that it was disrespectful to women. How could the monarch make such a decision to harm the goddess player because of a silk-like monarch? It is said that female players are angry and angry, but their calves can’t twist their big arms. Once the power they stay in requires them to go to the talks, these female players will either quit the power or go to Chang’ an in Datang to participate in the tournament and marry their relatives while cursing.
The weather is unpredictable. Who will unify the Central Plains and fight for the world? Who will become the intimate partner of Chitan Dan and the empress of the Tang Dynasty? Who will plot all over the world to complete the unification of the rivers and lakes? Everything is in the game and the game is constantly updated …
The annual bitter/forced language
It can’t be denied that this is really unsatisfactory, but the world is not satisfactory; It is said that every time I feel interested in writing, it is bound to be "a knife and water cut off, and it will flow more, and it will be a one-night affair." I wiped it. Is this the curse of my former enemy? Why is it always so difficult for me to write that I am interested? Well, some people say that my face is too big and too popular, so I write very little. It is necessary for a minority to jump. That is the special mercy of the gods and buddhas.
I don’t even have a chance to see how bleak my grades are. If my grades are bleak, I’ll say it’s because I can’t write well. I don’t say anything if I’m fucking killed. I just said I have limited talent and I can’t help it! parent
Update! Will I say that I don’t try to update? On that day, 10,000 words made my hands even weaker. Little prostitute students kept holding their heads up to protest that they didn’t bring it welfare. That’s "it’s hard to become a god party when tears flow all over the peach blossom pool"!
Plot! Brother will say that this has entrusted me with many ideas about Jianghu? I won’t say it! !
The four grandfathers of Jingu Huangliang have kicked me out of the door to write, which makes them know what nonsense is. Alas, the grandfathers didn’t finish writing because they didn’t try their best!
The soul is pale! I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t finish writing the number and growled, which shocked my brother and friends for a long time before I came to my senses. It turned out that this was the resentment of readers
Dear friends, it’s my fault that I didn’t finish writing. It’s okay, it’s okay …
The brother who wrote about male prostitutes is not the one who wrote about the public, but also the so-called person. Now he wants to make some contributions by writing, which directly affects the shame of his family. Despise him.
A prostitute has repeatedly fallen on the road to success, but a prostitute has always insisted on it, and I hope that all friends can continue to support him to accompany him and push him to the throne of the Great God.
However, whether it is successful or not, do you have your support to accompany the male prostitute classmates to move on and continue the code word? I hope one day I can code it for your approval.
Not sensational, saying that you support companionship means that I will not give up and continue to work hard for permanent nuclear power.
Thank you for reading this and please support me. Thank you again.
New-Police Road, Official Road, Urban Power Novel, Transformation in a Wolf’s Nest, New Expectation for Your Coming, Your support will be an indispensable factor for my success.
8 It’s at 8
Online Games Frost Falling in Rivers and Lakes
Zhebairi blue
Type virtual online games
Don’t correct whether the protagonist cultivates a knife or a sword.
Never mind whether the protagonist joins the power or the lone ranger.
Don’t try to figure out whether it is a single woman or a multi-woman.
Don’t look at whether the protagonist is full of justice, chivalrous or despicable.
What we need is a river’s lake!
What time do you say
First, there is no reality.
Second, there are no characters and plots in the original.
The third is not a digital online game without all kinds of data!
The first volume Jianghu frost mark The first chapter First-class master
Qingyuan Town is a dozens of miles big town in Fiona Fang, and it is also the only way to the nearby Heyang City. The geographical location is still important. Usually, merchants from south to north make this very ordinary town prosperous.
Usually people come and go, but the town has been deserted these two days. Many people are in a hurry because of the tension in the air.
At this time, in a mansion in the west of the town, several big men with swords and swords were on guard outside a hut, paying careful attention to the wind and grass around them, and there were swords and bloodstains left.
It’s late summer afternoon, and there is still the last trace of heat in the sky. Although some places have been wet with sweat, they don’t care at all. When walking back and forth, their eyes will pay attention to guarding the hut from time to time and sometimes show anxiety.
Wait until the sun outside the West Oblique Courtyard, I think of guarding the footsteps. Several Han horses are wary. Only when they see it can they breathe a sigh of relief. One of the tall and thin young people greeted him and asked urgently, "How is Boss Qiu?"
Other guards also put away their swords and said to the bearer, "Have you seen Boss Qiu!"
There are three heads here, a burly man with a square face and heavy eyebrows and a shaqi look a little fierce. When he sees everyone salute, he gives a salute with his fist and barely smiles. "Brothers have worked hard!"
Behind him were two people, one with a cigarette rod and tabata smoking a cigarette, and the other with a serious look and a sword.
"Is there no news from Boss Qiu on both sides?" The young man who spoke first could not help but ask again.
Boss Qiu, a burly man, looks pale and nodded and said, "There’s no news from the ancient tomb yet. Someone said that when she went out, she didn’t know when she would go back to help the Chivalrous swordsman at the entrance of Heyang Hall, not to mention that the hall master didn’t even see the deputy hall master!"
With a sigh, Boss Qiu said again, "Your eyes can count on Ye Shuang!" Then he hoped to see the cabin in front of him.
Boss Qiu, formerly known as Qiu Hu, took over Qingyuan town with a group of brothers and formed a small gang, the Tiger Gang, which is also living in peace, unlike in the Jianghu, where the knife-edge licking blood is in jeopardy.
Who knows that the good times didn’t last long? Half a month ago, a group of people came to Qingyuan Town and began to take the lead in grabbing territory with the Tigers. The man heard that this is the site of the Tigers. The boss called Qiu Hu actually claimed to be Liu Feilong, and let his men claim to be dragons. However, his intention against the Tigers is obvious. He is a dragon crossing the river.
Nai claimed that Liu Feilong was a first-class master, and none of the Tiger Gang was his opponent. There were several conflicts with the Feilong Gang, and all of them suffered losses and could not resist the surging Feilong Gang. Qiu Hu could ask for help.
Qiu Hu once rescued a girl Luo Luo when she was in the Jianghu, and spent some time in the Tiger Gang. Unexpectedly, she was taken care of by Qiu Hu, who was passed by by an ancient tomb sect. She accepted her brother and joined the ancient tomb sect, which made Qiu Hu both envious and happy. Later, she also brought some martial arts cheats and silver Qiu Hu to the Tiger Gang, and she barely hugged the thigh of the ancient tomb sect.
This time, the Feilong gang attacked Qiu Hu. When he saw that he couldn’t resist it, he immediately sent someone to contact the ancient tomb school. Who knows that Luo actually went out because he was out of sight?
After putting his hopes on Qiu Hu, the Jianghu, he would not do this. He immediately asked the Chivalrous Man to help Heyang Branch for help. The Chivalrous Man’s help was the eldest brother of Huashan Sect, Chu Jianxin, who formed a big gang. There was also a branch in Heyang City, but Qiu Hu sent it to inquire for the master of Heyang Tangkou, let alone the deputy master.
Snow and frost were added three days ago. The Feilong Sect gave the Tigers an ultimatum. Either get out of Qingyuan Town or be annexed by the Feilong Sect into his younger brother in Liu Feilong.
Qiu Hu can be said to be helpless, and the Tigers are even more desperate. At this time, Ye Shuang gave Qiu Hu a glimmer of hope that he would try to see if he could break through into a first-class player in these three days.