"Isn’t this Mobius acting by himself?" When I heard Mobius screaming, I took a look at his face again. Does it look like a fake look? Peter began to think.
But after all, Mobius’s behavior is really strange, just like a patient who suddenly has epilepsy, and his hands and feet are twitching, but he is still very conscious.
Just as Peter hesitated whether to help Mobius or not, a ditch partition on the side of the road was suddenly washed up by sewage. Mobius tripped and fell into a puddle.
"My emperor!" Seeing this, Peter was shocked. In his opinion, Mobius jumped into the uncovered waterway without knowing what the nerve was.
Besides, he’s so unlucky that he can meet all coincidences.
"Peter, help me!" Mobius grabbed the edge of the waterway with both hands and was shocked and puzzled.
Fortunately, Imil did a little experiment and didn’t want to kill Mobius. Peter quickly helped Mobius climb out of the waterway with one hand covering his nose.
Now his thick black trench coat is covered with filth and has been rescued by Peter. Mobius has not given thanks for it. Don’t be an idiot. There are two people here, Peter and himself, and even Debra has left.
Then who else will push himself into the manhole besides Peter?
Maybe you saw a ghost!
Mobius pushed Peter away and handed him the tissue. He looked at Peter angrily. "I think you will give me a proper explanation!" " He doesn’t know what strange magic Peter has done to control his body, but it feels very bad.
Peter took a step back. He is really different from ordinary people and has spider ability, but he can’t do such a thing. "No, Michael, I didn’t do it."
"I" just when Peter tried to explain again, Mobius had punched him in the face.
"Oh, no!" Hidden in the dark, Imil didn’t know Peter and Mobius. He found this person annoying for no reason, so he gave birth to a kind of want to play tricks on him in his heart.
However, after he made his move, Imil woke up and stopped when he did. He didn’t involve Mobius in the waterway. It was his original intention to do so and drown Mobius in the waterway.
The idea turned around in Imil’s mind and he couldn’t help shivering. That was terrible.
"Gentlemen, I hope you are not fighting?" Just as Imil put his hand over his eyes and didn’t want to see Peter being beaten into a giant panda by a big burly Mobius, a charming sound came up.
Mobius couldn’t help but stare blankly when he dragged Peter in his hand. He turned to look at it and turned out to be a blonde with a class and a long red dress.
"Hi Felicia!" Peter, who has mutative power, didn’t take Mobius’s imminent threat to heart, although he couldn’t have done it in a crowded place like new york University. He still had time to say hello to Felicia.
Mobius looked at the beautiful Felicia, and his strength disappeared without knowing where. He followed Peter and Felicia and said hello "Hi."
Felicia’s blonde hair is neatly combed, and two willow leaves and long eyebrows reveal the rare heroic spirit among women. Like Persian cats, her big green eyes are pure and full of charm unique to women.
Mobius pushed Peter out of the way and stuck it between Peter and Felicia, praising "Felicia is really a beautiful name"
"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Michael Mobius," he said, bending slightly and kissing Felicia’s little hand.
It was a kiss from his country, but it made Felicia a little creepy.
"Thank you Mobius, but it’s time for Peter and I to go." She took her hand back without a trace and rubbed it hard behind her back. Then she pulled Peter away and asked, "Which horror film set did that man just run out from?"
Peter agreed with Felicia’s judgment. He pondered for a moment and said, "Maybe revenge of the Vampires or Count of the Vampires? Come on, don’t talk about the vampire chauvinist worshiper, Felicia. What do you want to see me about? "
Felicia quickly forgot that she had just hugged Peter’s arm and said, "Tonight is the opening ceremony of my mother’s new science center, and many distinguished guests have been invited. Well, I’d like to invite you to go with me."
"Wow!" Behind Peter and Felicia, Imil unconsciously touched his nose. It seems that Spider-Man is Spider-Man, and he didn’t feel so pitiful at all when he was watching movies in his previous life.
Not only Felicia Imil now looks back on the former Debra, but he vaguely remembers that Spider-Man had a real girlfriend named Mary Jane. It seems that this guy is a thigh-level playboy!
Chapter 33 Super criminal Spider-Man
“wha! Wait a minute. Are you asking me to date you? " Peter parker looked at Felicia and said some teasing.
Felicia looked a little shy and flustered, and hurriedly said, "No, no, my mother invited Kathleen’s senior sister, and she will go too." Imil’s ears pricked up and he seemed to hear a familiar name.
Peter was surprised, too. "You mean senior Kathleen Longinus? That’s great. I was taken care of by her before she graduated."
Felicia was a little jealous. She quickly put her plump and charming body on Peter’s ear and wrote, "But I invited someone to have you. Peter, you are the only man I know who can explain these science exhibitions."
"Well," Peter was a little frustrated. "Wait, you answer my question first. Is this a date?"
"well, well, it can be a date if you want." Felicia finally lost in front of Peter. She has never seen such a man who can’t pick up girls, but who told me that she really likes him a little?
Peter suddenly became happy, clenched his fist and made a refueling move. "Great, I will definitely go!" "
"Well, then, we’ll agree! You come to the cafe at 6: 30 in the evening to pick me up and Kathleen, "Felicia said, leaving a separate kiss on Peter’s face."
"Damn it! No matter what, you must save your sister! " Imil was furious. He didn’t find anything that would make his mood fluctuate once it involved his sister Kathleen.
But how can I get my sister to find a way to leave peter parker, a playboy? Or do you want to teach him a little lesson first?
Imil’s eyes lit up, and the resentment and yin force had spread away from him, and he began to look for the goal that met his hope.
"Be careful, Felicia!" A student who doesn’t usually deal with new york University with Peter came out and interrupted Felicia to leave it to Peter to kiss him separately. He shook his finger and said, "Parker still has homework to finish."
"Hey, I didn’t." Peter looked at his "good" classmate and came out to disturb himself at such a wonderful moment. He tried to argue.
Felicia seems to know Peter’s friend as well. She leans over and says, "Flesh Thompson, don’t mess with us!"
Flesh rubbed his forehead painfully, and he couldn’t figure out what was going on. Anyway, it was inexplicable and he hated peter parker very much.
Imil thinks that Peter is not a playboy. It is definitely a comedy for Flesh to meet this famous new york University and fall in love at ordinary times.
But except today, it seems that everything with Peter can make him angry. "I want to know what his boss called Spider-Man a big liar, that’s all!"
Peter is a little ironic. He can’t understand why Flesh, who has always been right, should say such a thing to himself, but he still tries to refute "Who said Spider-Man was a big liar?"
"Is J Jonah jameson, you can’t fool me. Spider-Man is a hero. He’s not a super criminal! This is slander and shameful framing! "
Peter was completely puzzled. He looked at Flesh. "What the hell are you talking about?"
Flesh took out his mobile phone from his pocket and familiarized himself with opening the Horn Daily website. A video was played on the mobile phone. "We can see their atrocities, just as I have always warned you that Spider-Man leads his super criminal gang-the six devils in Spider-Man!"
Imil got together. Peter and Felicia didn’t feel that there was one more person. They were a little confused about the small drop in temperature around them, but their attention was still focused on the mobile phone video. It was a heavy body with a gray head and a rhinoceros in the corner.
He lifted a yellow Ford car from the street and slammed it into the side of the armored car. Imil estimated that the weight of one car was less than 16 tons, and it seems that this is not the maximum limit of rhinoceros people
Well, although it is known that this is an active superhero world, Imil is still deeply shocked.
Unlike Emile, this rhinoceros is an old rival of Spider-Man to Peter.
His name is aleksei mikhailovich sytsevich. He was originally a Russian who immigrated to the United States, but he couldn’t find a job to make a living as a thug because of his simple mind.
However, because of his strong strength, he was later seen as money by gangs in western Europe on the east coast of the United States. He participated in an experiment of attaching polymers to the skin
In the experiment, western Europe organized radiation-induced genetic modification chemicals to attach a layer of tough polymer to his skin and match him with rhinoceros horn, which made him a powerful rhinoceros.
The skin-like shell of rhinoceros can make rhinoceros resist general high temperature and cold, and can resist close attack, which is almost invulnerable. Experiments have given him super strength, speed and physical endurance, so he is often employed by gangs as a thief killer.
However, the sad reminder is that although this rhinoceros man is simply comparable to ordinary people, in his long criminal history, he has always been defeated by Spider-Man and escaped from prison again and again, and then was sent back to prison by Spider-Man because of his simple mind.
In fact, Imil thinks that rhinoceros hasn’t got home yet. Isn’t it lucky that new york, a superhero, has done so many cases and hasn’t met such a malicious character as Daredevil or Punisher?
"Hey, look!" Felicia lost her voice. In the video, a person dressed like Spider-Man jumped out of it. He talked with the rhinoceros who was destroying the city street, and then led the rhinoceros to the cash truck.
So Imil knows that this man is dressed as Spider-Man because peter parker is now under his nose. Imil denies when Peter learned to separate himself.
But to outsiders, that’s not the case. It really looks like Spider-Man is leading them. Then in the video, Felicia and others also recognize doctor octopus, thriller, mysterious man and scorpion, all of which were super criminals who were defeated by Spider-Man and put into prison!
Chapter 34 Tracking
"I would have said this is framed! Jameson should apologize to Spider-Man! " Flesh put away his cell phone and started complaining. It’s funny that Peter and Flesh have been classmates for several years and never knew that he was also a big fan of Spider-Man.
But now seems not the time to correct this problem.
"What do you think? Parker? "