"This is a wonderful shot!"
"The goal! !”
"But the most surprising thing is that Zhang kept shaking before the shot. After he received the ball from Riise, he made a cooperation with Riise, and then he made a sudden change of direction in Milan. Let’s see if he missed Pirlo before he cooperated with Riise …"
"My emperor! Three consecutive changes of direction! When will Zhang learn to juggle! "
"And … and he turned away from Gattuso and Kaladze … it was almost decisive. At that moment, Kaladze was shocked. He certainly didn’t expect Zhang to squeeze Gattuso to choose to cut!"
Italy Tian sports
“gal! Liverpool 13th Zhang Liverpool equalized the score! "
"A foot cut into the middle and then raid!"
"This shot reminds me of Chelsea. He is good at cutting suddenly on the left and then shooting. He has succeeded several times to let the world know that there is a nickname in Holland, but this is the first time for Zhang to move, but he succeeded!"
"The most surprising thing is that it is Zhang …"
"First of all, I’m sorry. My impression of Zhang is that he shoots very hard and has a very strong body. He has many advantages, but there is absolutely no outstanding skill among them. His skills are a bit rough."
"maybe he got some promotion after he went to Liverpool, but that’s the incredible place!"
"What can make a player rise so much in a year? You know, ordinary players’ skills have probably been frozen at the age of ten, and Zhang is definitely not that kind of dexterous striker. He is 1.9 meters tall …"
"Look at him! I can think of Juventus and Sweden (Ibrahimovic). They are all 1.9 meters big but they can play the piano with both feet! "
"How should such a guy defend?" to be continued
Chapter four hundred and ten Two opponents
Various commentators also commented on Zhang Tiehan’s performance of Milan players in Stadium A, which was more intuitive, especially against Zhang Tiehan, Gattuso, Pirlo and Kaladze A Milan goalkeeper Dida.
Three players plus a goalkeeper failed to stop Zhang Tiehan from scoring goals.
Zhang Tiehan showed superb skills in defending against several people, which surprised them. A Milan players were also surprised when they saw a goal from man of iron in other courses. To say that A Milan players actually know a lot about Zhang man of iron, they are direct competitors with Rome in the season. Of course, they have to study their opponent’s information, but they can play against Rome. Did they lose money or not? This is all because of Zhang Tiehan’s crazy performance.
So they naturally want to know Zhang Tiehan.
But in their understanding, Zhang man of iron has absolutely nothing to do with superb skills. He certainly can’t play such a player just now. That’s the strange thing. Now they are very surprised to see Zhang Tiehan score such a goal.
You don’t say!
The former Zhang man of iron was enough to give them a headache. Now how should they deal with this Zhang man of iron?
A Milan players are a little frustrated when they think about it.
A Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti was equally surprised. He didn’t expect Zhang man of iron to grow so much in one year. His only look was a wry smile.
It’s a wry smile!
What can he do about this ball against Zhang man of iron?
Think about the season when Zhang Tiehan scored in Serie A in Rome and won the European Golden Boot Award, which is a high honor for European strikers and shooters, but that award is actually unfair.
Before the European Golden Boot Award, there was no league scoring system, so as early as 1976, Cypriot striker Kayafas scored 39 goals in Nicosia O’ Mogna and won the Golden Boot Award, which caused widespread dissatisfaction. Some people pointed out that the league level was too low to be worthy of the name.
So in 1997, the Golden Boot Awards began to implement the system of point evaluation, which stipulated that the points won by the winners of the Golden Boot Awards were multiplied by the points scored in the league.
This is how the Golden Boot Award is judged now.
There are two Champions League entries, 15 league points and one Champions League entry, 1 league points.
In addition, players can accumulate points before and after transfer, but they cannot accumulate points from single-year league transfer to cross-year league transfer.
It is believed that this system will make the Golden Boot award more eloquent, but this new system has not made the four major league shooters who represent the highest level in the European League become the "owners" of the Golden Boot.
In many seasons, there are several players from five major leagues, such as Ronaldo, Phillips, Ma Kai and Zhang Tiehan. Small-league shooters are often more likely to win the Golden Boot Award because of their weak defensive strength. Many small-league shooters can score 40 goals in a single season.
Even in the five major leagues, the Golden Boot Award is unfair. So far, there is a golden boot in Serie A in man of iron. Except for him, Serie A has never had a golden boot, and the attack is sharper. So far, no shooter has worn the golden boot in the Bundesliga.
In other words, the Golden Boot Award is unfair.
The Italian League belongs to the five major leagues, so it is a little weak. Serie A defense is still the best in the world league. It is too difficult for Serie A to win the Golden Boot, especially the first prize winner, but Zhang Tiehan did it, which is also an important reason why Zhang man of iron’s value in Rome has doubled.
He didn’t win the honor of the club, but his value rose surprisingly high. This European Golden Boot Award played a very important role.
Such a player who can win the European Golden Boot Award in Serie A is definitely the best in the world!
But such a player is still growing?
Ancelotti is a little unbelievable.
Now his team has to face such an opponent, a somewhat terrible opponent. Even though Ancelotti knows something about Zhang man of iron, he still feels that there are some shortcomings in the team’s defense before the game, especially Zhang Tiehan’s defense arrangement.
He called the captain Starr "pay attention to his defense! Be careful! Don’t let him have a chance there! "
He kept stressing
Starr nodded. He knew that the ball and the team’s defensive mistakes had also been defended. Zhang Tiehan was Gattuso and Kaladze, a midfielder and a full-back. They were not very strong in protecting the goal.
If he is here, the opponent can’t get a chance to shoot at will.
This is Starr’s confidence.
Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez was delighted to see Zhang Tiehan score.
This is exactly what he want to see.
Against A Milan, his biggest pressure is that Zhang Tiehan has been in a frightening state since Zhang Tiehan came back. The Spaniard just wants the team to compete with A Milan for efficiency.
If the team can succeed in taking away the away goal from the San Siro Stadium without falling behind by one goal, then he will achieve his goal and return to Anfield Stadium to decide the outcome, and he will be much more sure.
In the stadium with different mentality, the game soon resumed.
The mentality of Liverpool players who can score a goal and quickly equalize the score is different. Just now, they thought that A Milan was very strong and could directly break the team’s defense and score the ball in the backward situation. Their confidence was somewhat frustrated, but now Zhang Tiehan’s goal has made the team more confident than before.
A What about Milan?
They couldn’t prevent Zhang Tiehan from cutting the ball from the flank and passing by. Pirlo threw Kaladze and Gattuso and scored the ball into Milan with such an excellent teammate. What’s terrible?
Maybe A Milan are really strong. They overwhelmed Liverpool in the final last year. It is not easy for the team to work miracles again, but now they are not Liverpool last year.
The team is stronger and eliminated Barcelona to reach the semi-finals. They also won against A Milan!
A Milan want to score again.
In fact, they are already familiar with Zhang man of iron. Even if Zhang Tiehan scores a goal, they are actually prepared. They know very well that players like Zhang Tiehan can’t be completely restrained. What they need to do to beat Liverpool is to score more goals than the other team.
After the restart of the game, both teams regained their morale.
The game has become quite exciting!
Both teams performed very well, and all kinds of wonderful cooperation were performed frequently at the San Siro Stadium. Both sides played very freely, and the wonderful pictures made the fans really addicted. This kind of game is what fans like to watch. When the Italian team and the English team meet, the two sides can continue to play offensive games, but not many fans have more expectations for the game.
Of course, for the fans of the two teams, they still hope to support the team to score again.
Now, the fight between the two teams is to seize the opportunity, which is the same as Benitez’s strategy. He just wants the team to fight with Milan A. He knows that Milan A will have more opportunities in this way, but he believes that the team’s front line, especially Zhang man of iron, can seize the opportunity better than the opponent’s front line
This is the game key.