"Second sister-in-law, my sister-in-law wants me to ask if there is anything suitable for her?"
"It’s not without what your sister-in-law’s sex will do. Our family is all manual labor. She may not be able to eat it when she comes." Lin Yue thinks that there are really two cooking jobs missing in the kitchen. She has never seen Li Xiaomei’s sister-in-law. She doesn’t know what sex it is before she hesitates.
"Don’t worry, my sister-in-law is a capable elder brother. Most of their work at home is done by several sisters-in-law. My sister-in-law also said that she can do anything without fear of more work and fatigue. If my sister-in-law is really capable, I wouldn’t promise her to come to beg you."
"That’s it. There’s still a lack of a fire to cook in the kitchen over there. Ask your eldest sister-in-law if she wants to do it, and let her come with you one day."
"Ok, I’ll tell my eldest sister-in-law later that she must be willing to thank Yisow. Then I’ll go back first. It’s getting dark these days. If I don’t go back to my home, Zhao Cheng should worry." Li Xiaomei was so busy that he hurried home.
In the afternoon the next day, Li Xiaomei brought her mother’s eldest sister-in-law, Li Wangshi, to visit Lin Yue. After meeting her, she felt that people were really nice. Now their home is in need of manpower. There are so many people in the kitchen, not only in the workshop, but also in the kitchen. Li Wangshi didn’t say much. He just rolled up his sleeves and went to work in the kitchen. Looking at Li Wangshi’s neat and responsible work, Lin Yue simply handed over the kitchen things here to her.
A woman can’t get through the accommodation problem of Li Wangshi. The long-term worker’s house has already lived in Linyue, and their family can’t make room for Liu to know. Let Li Wangshi live in their old house in Zhao’s house. Anyway, their family has always lived in the long-term worker’s house, and no one lives in the old house. Brother Li Xiaomei will come in two days, and it is convenient for the two couples to live together.
In this way, the workshop can start working on the fourth day. In view of Li Xiaomei’s good performance before, now that there are more workers, he can really trust people. In just a few months, he handed over some things that are not so important outside to Li Xiaomei. When Li Xiaomei heard that Yue had another job and gave it to her, he was so happy that he went out early and returned late every day, almost soaking in the workshop. Indeed, he did a good job of explaining things to Yue, even if she wanted to see some things that were not there, she would help.
On this day, Li Xiaomei was busy and ready to go back and think about the two at home who begged her to eat baked sweet potatoes. Li Xiaomei always loved himself. Although he felt a little bad, he had the cheek to find Lin Yue. "The two smelly little girls in my house have been pestering me to eat baked sweet potatoes these days. I really can’t help but go to the property room and get some sweet potatoes back."
In fact, Li Xiaomei and Lin Yue’s family just left without saying hello, and no one will say anything. However, Li Xiaomei still insists on this point. Although she likes to take advantage of others’ homes, stealing is a moral problem. Especially Zhao Xing married a thief’s wife, Li Xiaomei, who hates stealing people’s things. The so-called stealing her naturally cannot do such a thing.
"What’s the matter? There are plenty of sweet potatoes in the field. My nephews like to eat. Just take more back." What is it that Lin Yue also specially found in Li Xiaomei? It’s just a few sweet potatoes. Li Xiaomei came to ask her why she didn’t promise to let Li Xiaomei take more. Li Xiaomei is doing things these days. She sees it in her eyes.
"No, no! This sweet potato is not cheap. I’ll just take a few back to those two smelly kids to taste it. This is something your family sells for money. If it weren’t for being tied up by two smelly kids, where would I open this mouth? "
Li Xiaomei came back from Lin Yue’s greeting and went to Fang’s room to hide sweet potatoes. Now she has taken a fancy to several small ones and put them aside just to take them back. However, in the past, she found that the sweet potatoes she put there were gone, and there were fewer sweet potatoes in the heap. However, if there were so many sweet potatoes in the room, it would not be impossible for her to find them if she didn’t pay special attention to them today.
This is amazing. Without sweet potatoes, there is no thief stealing. Since Zhao Xing married that thief, things have been stolen from her house more often. Li Xiaomei is particularly sensitive to this kind of thing and immediately realizes that something is wrong.
However, with a lesson from the past, Li Xiaomei didn’t yell out immediately. I don’t know who the thief is. If I say it, I will startle him. Unless it is stolen and caught, I know who it is. This is all the lesson that Li Xiaomei learned after fighting with Zhao Xing’s daughter-in-law Chen. I didn’t expect to send it here.
"Daughter-in-law, what are you doing? I didn’t say how to go home with a few sweet potatoes for a long time." Zhao Cheng waited outside for a while and saw that Li Xiaomei didn’t come out. He shouted outside that his daughter-in-law deliberately did things quite neatly except when she didn’t split up. Why didn’t she drag her feet at this time?
"What came out?" Li Xiaomei now felt that it was necessary to keep a low profile and not let people know that she had detected someone stealing sweet potatoes, so she heard Zhao Cheng shouting outside and she didn’t good the spirit replied.
Zhao Cheng felt that his daughter-in-law was not quite right and saw Li Xiaomei frowning. "What’s wrong with your daughter-in-law?"
Li Xiaomei looked warily around pulling Zhao Chengbian down and said a few words in his ear to let him hide near Fang and watch himself and hurried to Zhao Erhu’s home.
"Ersao Ersao, open the door quickly!" Although Li Xiaomei didn’t yell things out and handle them properly, he was really impatient. As soon as he got to the door of Zhao Erhu’s house, he rushed to clap table tennis at the door. 348 Chapter 348.
"Yi Xiaomei you haven’t go back? What happened? " Lin Yue is having dinner at this time. It’s a little unexpected to see Li Xiaomei go back, especially if he is still in such a hurry. Just guess what may have happened.
Li Xiaomei felt uneasy about speaking outside, afraid of being heard "yisow, let’s go in and talk".
When I entered the house, Li Xiaomei told Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue that someone had stolen sweet potatoes. "Yisow, I guess it must be a thief. People outside can’t get into the workshop, let alone steal sweet potatoes unnoticed. It’s hateful. If I hadn’t paid special attention today, I wouldn’t have found it."
Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue heard that someone was stealing sweet potatoes. It was a little angry to guard against it or a thief’s heart. This kind of thing is especially unpredictable, but seeing Li Xiaomei so angry and a god-fearing sample, they smiled and shook their heads and felt depressed and relieved.
Although Li Xiaomei has a bad reputation in the village, whatever Lin Yue gave her to do during this period is more important than her own family. Now Li Xiaomei, who is separated from her hometown, wants to make money to support her family. Another point is that Lin Yue saw that Li Xiaomei was a good hostage. Although it seems that there are many shortcomings and problems at ordinary times, it is not that kind of greed. You are somewhat good to her, and she will actually keep it in mind and repay you with actions.
Before Li Xiaomei could do this, Zhao Erhu still had prejudice against Zhao Cheng and his wife. But these days, I really think this couple is good. Not to mention Li Xiaomei’s family’s hard work, Zhao Cheng is willing to work hard. This drive has also driven many people to imagine that such a lazy person is working so hard at ordinary times. How can they be willing to lag behind? It is an extremely spirit.
"Second brother yisow, I asked our family Zhao Chengzang to watch near the workshop. What should I do? You have to get a charter out quickly. The sweet potato at home still doesn’t know how much it was stolen by this damn thief." Li Xiaomei saw Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue seem to be in no hurry, and they are getting more and more worried.
Lin Yue appeased and patted Li Xiaomei’s hand. "Don’t worry about this kind of thing. In fact, there is no good way to be careful and then wait for him."
"What keep pig catch rabbit? What do you mean by that? Yisow, to put it bluntly, "Li Xiaomei is a rural woman. She looks at her mouth and looks smart. In fact, she doesn’t know a few words and doesn’t listen to Bai Lin’s meaning.
Zhao Erhu was kind enough to explain to Li Xiaomei that "it is to secretly let people wait around for the thief to appear."
"So that’s what you mean. You are clever and strange. I almost didn’t understand. Then Zhao Cheng and I will continue to watch you there. Come here quickly, too. Our family’s Zhao Cheng is slow and afraid that he can’t catch a thief. It’s better to rely on his second brother for insurance." Li Xiaomei wants Zhao Cheng to be better. If he catches a thief, he can also make a contribution, but his man has a few pounds and two ounces. Li Xiaomei still knows that don’t let people run away then, and the loss outweights the gain.
"That line, you help me keep it for a while. I’ll discuss a charter with Zhao Erhu. It’s definitely not enough for one person. Call several people to take turns to keep it. We have arranged manpower. The horse will come over for you. You and Zhao Cheng are also careful. Don’t come out. The thief won’t stop if no one finds out. There will always be times when he is caught." Lin Yue is not sure whether the thief is a person or a few people are afraid of Li Xiaomei catching the thief. He rushed and told Li Xiaomei to let her go.
"Daughter-in-law, you stay at home and I’ll call someone to come over." Zhao Erhu felt that this matter could not be delayed and went out to call someone without eating a few mouthfuls of rice in the bowl.
When Dalang Jiro saw it, he followed him. "Dad, we will go with you."
Zhao Erhu nodded his head. "Many people help me faster, too." Dalang Jiro can now do many things to help call people or no problem. Saburo and Shiro will stay at home with Lin Yue.
Lin Yue didn’t eat much when she came late, and she didn’t have much appetite at this time. I was thinking that Zhao Cheng and his wife haven’t eaten yet. They still have two children waiting to eat at home. If they go back to cook today, when will it be delayed? Lin Yue will see how much rice is left in the rice cooker and fry two dishes. When Zhao Erhu calls someone to replace them, let them come here for dinner.
Lin Yue thought of Li Xiaomei asking her for sweet potatoes and took some sweet potatoes to cook in the stove.
"Mom, we’re back." Dalang Erlang and Zhao Erhu split up, which would be earlier than Zhao Erhu.
Lin Yue just wants to go to Zhao’s old house and call Li Xiaomei two children to see Dalang and Erlang come back and let them run errands. "Dalang Erlang, when you come back, just help me go to your fourth uncle’s house and let your fourth uncle’s two cousins come over for dinner."
"Know the mother, we’ll go." Lin Yue said that Dalang and Jiro ran out like a gust of wind again. Lin Yue watched them run so fast and repeatedly told behind, "You two brothers be careful not to run so fast. It’s getting dark. Watch the road and don’t fall."
Soon Zhao Erhu also came back. Zhao Dahu, Wu Qiang, Liu Aniu and two more trustworthy long-term workers at home all came soon after receiving the news.
"Erhu, what’s the matter with you looking for us?" Zhao Dahu is Erlang. Inform Zhao Dahu that he is in a hurry to see Erlang. He also said that he should come over quickly. What’s the big deal? He is in a hurry and asked as soon as he entered the room.
Zhao Dahu was as angry as Li Xiaomei when he learned that it was a thief in the workshop. In Zhao Dahu’s view, Zhao Erhu’s family earned more money than other families, and it was not easy to find a job at this time. It was really bad for someone to play such a bad idea.
"Turns out that’s the way it is. People are unpredictable. What kind of people are worse in this world is the benefit. This thief stole sweet potatoes and mostly sold them to emoko. Don’t be too angry."
Wu Qiang didn’t feel surprised to know the whole story. Zhao Erhu’s family recruited so many workers this time. Even if they were deliberately screened, there is no guarantee that these people are all good. Some people just haven’t done anything bad yet. Everyone doesn’t know that there are always so many traitors in his sex.
"Two tigers, what are you going to do when you call us? Who is the thief? Chapter 349, 349
Because I don’t know exactly how many thieves are Zhao Erhu, several people discussed it and decided to take turns to watch everyone live here. Come here when you have something to call.
This car Li Xiaomei and Zhao Cheng came over. "Yisow, don’t get it. Let’s go back and eat."
"So what kind of food is cooked by a stranger is ready-made. How much effort will it take to start a fire again when you go back? It’s better to eat at our house. I think you are tired enough after a busy day. When you finish eating, go back and have a good rest. I have to rely on you to help me more these days."
"Sister-in-law, don’t worry. You didn’t listen to those words in the village. You trusted me to do things for me. I was exhausted and happy. I like to be in charge. I don’t feel tired at all. I feel full. I earn money to support my family. It’s so boring to live like this." Li Xiaomei said and pushed Zhao Cheng around. "Zhao Cheng doesn’t you think so?"
"My daughter-in-law said yes. Although I feel tired on this day, I am very practical. Our family is very happy. Thanks to my second brother and sister-in-law, they are willing to give us a chance and we will work hard."
"Come on, don’t say these heretical words. You must be hungry. Let’s eat quickly. I’ve been heating the food." Lin Yue said, taking the food out of the pot. Saburo didn’t help before. At this time, he showed his brothers in front of Lin Yue and grabbed the chopsticks and set them in the cupboard.
Li Xiaomei saw another burst of envy, and then looked at his two sons jumping around like monkeys. "You two look at Saburo and Shiro, who are more sensible at an early age, and you will know that you have to help your second aunt. Look at you all day, lying and playing around and learning from others."
Zhao Cheng and his family Lin Yue also specially made a Sichuan style stew pork fried with garlic sprouts and mapo tofu, and there were just a few dishes left. A family of four stuttered and delicious. "Yisow, you are a good cook. I have never eaten such delicious food, which is more delicious than restaurants in the city." Li Xiaomei was amazed.
"I’m going to eat at Erbo’s maiden’s house after Erbo’s mother cooks more than she does." Li Xiaomei’s eldest son heard Li Xiaomei say this and followed suit.
"Smelly little for you to eat is good also choose! It’s hard enough for you to have four sons of bitches. Why should I take care of your meal? If you don’t be honest, I’ll let your father beat you. "
When Li Xiaomei went back, Yue4 took out the sweet potato simmered in the stove and wrapped it up. She brought them sweet potatoes and simmered them in the ashes for so long. It was ripe and smelled good, and the children drooled.
Yue-hsiao Lin looked at Dalang and said, "If you eat too much late, you can’t make it early. I’ll stew sweet potatoes for you."
As soon as Shiro heard that there were baked sweet potatoes to eat early in the day, he smiled and hugged Lin Yue’s thigh. "Baked sweet potatoes are delicious, and I like my mother best!"