"What is it?"
Silver smiled cunningly. "Don’t drive me away, even if your dust comes back, you don’t want me!" "
"This ….." Shu Lele was in a mess in the wind. It seems that she can’t do this.
When the dust comes back, the silver will disappear. It is impossible for them to be in two individuals at the same time.
Shu Lele’s heart is a little sour and stinging. Silver has been with her for so long, and she is also very reluctant to part with it. I’m afraid she will be very sad if he really leaves and never comes back one day.
Holding back the pain in my heart, Shu Lele whispered, "Silver, you are my best friend. I won’t forget what you want. I will never kick you out if you don’t leave!"
"Really? It’s good to be happy! " Silver smiled with joy like a child.
Seeing him cheering so much, Shu Lele felt more and more uncomfortable in his heart and choked, "It’s true silver, I promise you!" "
Snuggle in that familiar arms of her, Shu Lele finally shed a few tears.
At that time, Jun Shaoyan and others had chased after him and said, "Lele can’t be naughty in this snowy mountain. In case of an avalanche, none of us can save you!"
"Know I don’t play anymore! Let’s go to Xuelian! "
They searched in the snow-capped mountains for several days, traveled during the day and stayed in caves at night, but they still found one. The snow lotus seemed to be a story, and they didn’t even see a movie.
A man named A Bing, an Amano, didn’t wait for Shu Lele and others to ask for an active explanation: "Snow Lotus is very precious and rare. We are going to climb that peak tomorrow, where it is deserted. Maybe there is Snow Lotus."
"The highest peak?" Shu Lele and others looked up and saw a snowy mountain towering into the sky, but it was difficult for them to climb a higher level.
"Is it dangerous to climb the highest peak?"
"There will be life worries. You have no experience in climbing snow-capped mountains, so wait here!"
"no! We are going! " Shu Lele firm tunnel
I don’t know what’s going on, but she always feels that there seems to be something calling her and driving her to go
Since Shu Lele decided that Silver and Jun Shaoyan and others naturally went together.
That night, everyone rested in the cave for a night and raised their spirits. At dawn, they began to climb to the top.
Jun Shaoyan feeds Shu Lele pills from time to time for fear that she can’t resist the cold, and everyone dare not speak for fear that the vibration will trigger an avalanche.
After walking for half a day, I finally climbed halfway up the mountain, and everyone was already exhausted.
Ah Bing made a gesture to let everyone have a rest in the same place and eat some dry food before going on.
When I stopped, I felt that the cold wind was raging, which was colder than when I walked. Many guards accidentally moved their muscles and bones, but they touched the surrounding snow and heard a few loud noises. Large chunks of snow began to fall off.
"Everybody run!"
Ah Bing exclaimed that everyone quickly jumped to one side, and it was considered that everyone’s life should not be unique, but it was not hurt at all.
However, at the beginning of the shock, everyone has thoroughly seen the danger that the snow-capped mountains may appear at any time. This means that everyone will never make a move again, and they will be careful to breathe as lightly as possible.
Suddenly someone pointed to a piece of jade-like stone clean Guanghua in the distance and covered her mouth and exclaimed, "What’s that? Look! "
Looking down his hand, I saw a white flower swaying in the cold wind like a fairy, which made everyone excited and want to scream.
Snow lotus! They finally found Snow Lotus!
It’s really hard to find a place! The snow lotus is located not far from the avalanche that just happened.
If it weren’t for the heavy snow falling from the avalanche, how could saussurea involucrata be found hidden behind?
Everyone was so surprised that they had to leap over to see what had happened.
Ah Bing said, "There’s no hurry. At the moment, everyone should be careful. If the avalanche is triggered again, all efforts will be wasted."
When highland barley heard this, he quickly stopped the guards and said, "I’ll go and see if I can pick it up!"
"good! You must be careful about highland barley! "
"yes! Princess "
Highland barley paddled its feet and flew over there in a flash. From time to time, tiptoe in the snow brought up snowflakes all over the sky.
When he finally got close to saussurea involucrata, he suddenly stared at the difference in front of him in disbelief. saussurea involucrata almost lost his mind.
White saussurea involucrata has excellent charm and beautiful scenery, but there is a bug lying in the stamen of saussurea involucrata.
It is bright red, crystal clear and beautiful like a gem.
Highland barley held its breath for a while and didn’t know what was going on with this bug. He didn’t dare to take action rashly, so he flew back in good shape.
VIP85 avalanche
After the highland barley was stabilized, saussurea involucrata’s weirdness was quietly told to Jun Shaoyan and Shu Lele, and there was no response. Jun Shaoyan was very excited when his face changed.
"Lele, it may be of great help to me to go and see that bug!"
"Huh?" Shu Lele was stunned. "What help?"
"It’s him naturally!" Jun Shao Yan make signal with the lips pointing in the right direction is not exactly where Silver is located.
Shu Lele couldn’t help but feel white in his heart. He couldn’t help but tunnel, "Go and remember not to hurt the worm and saussurea involucrata!"
Jun Shao Yan and highland barley flew up a few flicker and reached the opposite side. They all held their breath in front of saussurea involucrata and looked at the worm in disbelief.
"Jun Gong, is this worm really the one I need to be heartless?"
"Is it! I have seen it in ancient times, but I didn’t expect it to be a coincidence today that we got it here. "
"That grandfather has been saved!" Highland barley is very stable, and a person is not getting carried away at the moment.
I saw that the worm was lying lazily in the stamen, but if you look closely, you will find that its mouth is crawling gently and it is actually sucking the essence of the stamen!
Jun Shaoyan smiled and said, "If you feed with blood, you can grow up quickly, but if you suck the aura of heaven and earth, its growth speed will be greatly reduced. Today, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event!"
"If that has been let it take saussurea involucrata essence? What will happen? "
"That’s not true. If you want to really grow up, you still need blood to feed you, and that person’s blood must be very special to successfully lead to the report’s rude method."
"But where can I find that person?"
"Don’t worry, since we can easily get the method of insect, I believe that the predestined relationship will appear as soon as possible. It is urgent to bring the method of insect back and feed it well." Jun Shaoyan took out a jade bottle from his arms and put it on the petals.
As soon as the bottle cap is opened, the worm seems to know the way, but it usually crawls slowly into the bottle until it reaches the bottom of the bottle.
Jun Shaoyan quickly covered the bottle cap and put it in his arms before picking saussurea involucrata.
Who knows that Jun Shaoyan’s hand just touched saussurea involucrata, and it naturally fell off and lay safely in his palm, but the snow on the soles of his feet began to shake violently.
The snow began to fall off the whole ground like an earthquake, which made people uneasy.
"There’s another avalanche. Go!" When the two men rowed their bodies quickly, the road ran away, but they were still a step slow. The rolling snow kept hitting the ground of the two men, and it was a gap and then a gap.