"To celebrate the success of the exam, let’s have a banquet first. Azazeru should be ready!"
Sasakes smiled easygoing, and Azazeru discussed holding a banquet before the exam. Now it is estimated that it has been ready for a long time, except for the return of the candidates.
"Well, my brother said that they did well in Elsa’s exam, and they really should celebrate it!"
Lilias hugged Elsa and nodded her head. Her dependents became stronger and stronger, and she was naturally very happy.
"There is a banquet?"
Listening to these words, I was very interested in eating. Orpheus was very cute. He widened his eyes and shook his head with some funny Ye Yu.
Orpheus, the dragon god, has completely become a foodie.
"Congratulations on your successful completion of the exam! Cheers!"
Not far from the Devil’s Palace, the luxurious and elegant luxury box of the hotel looks like a drunk. Azazeru held up his glass and dried it, then filled it with wine again.
This banquet was prepared by Azazeru himself. When Ye Yu and his party arrived, they found that he had been drinking there for half a day. If it weren’t for the spirit to sober up, the degenerate angel bastard governor would be drunk as mud.
Not only did Azazeru sit in the main seat, but Sasquez also drank a lot, but wine seemed to him to have no roots to sober up.
After all, it is normal that the students have achieved such good results through their own teaching, and the mentor Asasher will be so happy.
At the end of the party, I’m afraid there are two people, Sussex and Ye Yu. Others are more or less egged on by Azazeru to drink some wine and then get drunk one by one.
Let’s not talk about the church trio. They have never touched alcohol. They can be said to pour it when they touch it.
Zhu Nai is generous and Azazeru has been drinking for a long time. I’m afraid she is the best among girls.
Yu Orpheus has been eating all kinds of exquisite snacks without stopping.
The banquet was noisy until late, and Gu Leifei arranged the room. Tonight, they stayed at the Devil’s house for the time being.
While Gu Leifei returned to her room with the girls, Sasakes came to Ye Yu secretly at this time.
"You must seize this opportunity today."
"What chance?"
Ye Yu slightly one leng have no reaction to come over.
"What do you say? Of course, it’s Guleifia. There’s no progress for such a long time. It seems that you didn’t take my words to heart, Ye Yu. "
"This kind of thing … even if I want to, I can’t just do it."
Ye Yu showed some nai wry smile to Saskatchewan, but some unhappy shook his head.
"I don’t want to hear excuses. I’ve created a great opportunity for you today. I hope you won’t let me down. Give Guleifia happiness as I ask you."
Chapter 344 Get your wish
Although Sasakes did create an excellent opportunity for him to start work, the biggest problem facing Ye Yu was Orpheus.
Orpheus Ye Yu, who was staring at herself, was thinking about what to do to deceive this cute dragon’s eyes, especially now that this cute dragon is full of thoughts about having children with him.
After the girls’ rooms were arranged in Guleifia, the night was also deep, and Ye Yu and Orpheus also returned to their rooms.
Seems to be very satisfied with the dinner. After returning to the room, Orpheus went to sleep.
Originally, Leah was strongly opposed to letting Orpheus and Ye Yu sleep together, but after trying many times, every time I could always find Orpheus in Ye Yu’s bed the next day, Leah gave up the idea and went with her.
Anyway, nothing has happened between Orpheus and Ye Yu so far.
And after sleeping in Orpheus, Ye Yu also quietly went out of his room. Honestly, Ye Yu also suppressed it for many days. At the dinner party, he was encouraged by Sasakes, and his bravery was also big.
Originally, according to Ye Yu’s idea, Gu Leifei couldn’t wait to take things slowly, but now that Sussex has urged him, why is he polite?
I’m not very confident about my own strength. Now Ye Yu believes that he can easily control Guleifia.
The devil left the castle and turned left and right for a long time. Ye Yu finally came to the house of Guleifia.
Can feel the door attached to the trigger-shaped magic circle seems to be keenly aware of what Guleifia is also very cautious.
However, these magic circles naturally can’t stop Ye Yu from perfectly avoiding the magic circle trigger node Ye Yu easily walked into the room.
It’s very quiet in the room, and you can vaguely hear the subtle breathing. Anyway, it’s the devil’s castle and the boundary is imposed at the door. It’s only natural that Guleifia will sleep so peacefully. I’m afraid she never dreamed that someone could easily break through her boundary.
"I’m sorry, Guleifia, but it’s for your sake."
Ye Yu said this to himself, and then he quietly approached the sleeping figure toward the bed, but just as he jumped on the bed directly, the figure on the bed was agile and easily dodged Ye Yu’s attack.
"I knew it … Lucifer’s adult and you secretly didn’t say anything good."
Looking at a face of embarrassment, Ye Yu was dressed in pajamas, and Gu Leifei said so nai
"Ahem … I can’t help it. I don’t want to let him down because I was asked by Sussex."
Ye Yu is very reasonable to say so, while Guleifia blushed.
And Gu Leifei’s reaction is also to make Ye Yu slightly stunned. The original Ye Yu Gu Leifei will be magical and angry and then drive himself out. But now it seems that Gu Leifei’s thoughts are not the same as what he thinks.
"It sounds ridiculous, but aren’t you excited about it, Guleifia?"
It’s very despicable to say that Ye Yu’s face is a bit raging.
Ye Yu is gambling, betting that Gu Leifei has resigned and has chosen to accept him, and this time it seems that he is right. After he said such words, Gu Leifei sighed faintly and showed some bitterness.
"I can allow you to do this … but never tell anyone, especially Leah. Never let her know!"
Gu Leifei said this sentence so lightly as if it were an invitation, which was generally affirmed. Ye Yu was forced to take Gu Leifei into his arms and sniff the fragrance that belonged to her.
"Hey, don’t be so clumsy, don’t you know how to be gentle?"
Looking at Ye Yu’s behavior, Gu Leifei shook his head and took the initiative to help Ye Yu take off his clothes like a virtuous wife.
"Does Ye Yu have that experience?"
"What does Gurefia think?"
"Who knows there are so many outstanding women around you? Who knows how many women you have had?"
Gu Leifei said some unhappy, with a trace of jealousy, the girl’s palm brushed Ye Yu’s chest, which made the latter shudder slightly.