Qiuyuan changed another way to check the lobster soldier’s illness. This time, it was not vitality to check the main but vitality to guide the lobster soldier so that he could hear Qiuyuan’s instructions.
The former method was that Qiu Yuan unilaterally examined the lobster soldier, but how could the doctor not listen to the patient’s self-report when he saw the doctor?
Lobster Batman has no self-report ability, so Qiuyuan uses another way to guide Lobster Batman so that he can tell what Qiuyuan wants to know in his mind.
Although the words expressed by the lobster soldier in this way are still somewhat vague after the induction of Qiuyuan, it finally gives Qiuyuan a glimmer of hope for treating the lobster soldier.
It is difficult to know the reason why lobster soldiers are seriously short of water before they can start further treatment
Before Qiuyuan, I also wondered whether to treat the mental retardation of lobster soldiers or the serious water shortage first.
However, after careful consideration, it is found that the mental retardation of lobster soldiers is probably caused by the destruction of physical function caused by severe water shortage.
Although some forcibly explain the meaning, Qiu Yuan has indeed seen the situation that the brain seems to be the last thing to go wrong because of physical injury.
"Well, it’s still a little tricky."
After Qiuyuan’s fool-like guidance and thorough inspection, it was finally found that the lobster soldier was seriously short of water.
It turned out that a lobster soldier inhaled too much "water" and failed to discharge it, which led to a malfunction of his body function for a long time, and it was only when he absorbed "water" that he was seriously short of water.
The moisture here is translated according to the words of lobster soldier.
However, according to Qiu Yuan’s idea, it should be that the lobster soldier wanted to use a powerful skill, but he accidentally failed to control the element force that led to the body water, which broke the element force function of the body.
In this way, the word "Water Poké mon" of Lobster Batman is almost removed, and it is generally allowed to not only use water moves but also supplement daily basic water.
Fortunately, Qiu Yuan finally found the cause, and this problem was easily solved.
No wonder vitality always feels abnormal when it comes to physical examination for lobster soldiers before autumn.
It turned out that the vitality was absorbed by the broken element force points when the lobster creeps.
"Take a good rest, and everyone will be healthy again. The rest is to become stronger and better."
After a lot of treatment, Qiuyuan was exhausted. Today, he saved vitality and repaired more than half of the broken elements of lobster Batman.
It will take another day to treat the lobster soldier, and he will be able to recover the normal absorption of elements.
It also depends on the situation. Metapod and Koudaihua can also be treated successfully
The next morning, before dawn, I was woken up by the alarm clock in the house.
After washing in a small sanitary room, I opened my sleepy eyes and Qiuyuan pulled himself together to wake up Koudaihua.
Before going to bed last night, Qiuyuan put the lobster Batman and Metapod in Poké Ball and left them outside.
After changing the medicine twice, the cure rate of the burn is significantly higher, and the treatment in this way can be completed in another day or so.
However, Qiuyuan can’t wave for one day, and there are only two and a half days left in the game. If there is still a wave for one day, it will be the champion of true fate.
After all, no one knows whether Zhuoka will give himself some convenience besides bringing Qiuyuan a Poké mon with such serious physical disadvantages.
But there’s a high probability that it will
Qiuyuan knows what this guy will be "late" and didn’t take part in the feeding assessment, but he passed the subsequent separate assessment.
The treatment of oral stupor requires the skill principle of photosynthesis.
Oral stupor is the complete photosynthesis of the Law Society, but it can greatly improve the treatment efficiency if it can master some principles and complete a little recovery.
Vitality and ointment treatment are all external treatments for wounds. Autumn Yuan needs to let the mouth stay and make photosynthesis self-treat from the outside.
This can not only effectively treat burns, but also improve vitality and ointment treatment efficiency.
It can reduce the original burn treatment time from one day to several hours.
The reason why noon is chosen before dawn instead of when the sun is strongest is that the morning sun is not as strong as noon sun.
Although the photosynthetic effect is that the stronger the sunlight, the better the effect, but it also needs a body that can withstand this force to convert the absorbed energy into healing energy
The early morning when the sunshine is relatively mild is the most suitable time to spend time.
However, there is still a problem. Qiu Yuan doesn’t know whether he has mastered the skill of staying in the mouth last night.
Qiu Yuan learned this skill from the mounted goat, and also tried to let the forest lizards learn it. Although they can’t learn photosynthesis, they can still get a little recovery effect.
This little proof that the principle of photosynthesis is suitable for the grass poké mon base depends on whether the flowers are mastered.
The total mouth-watering flower is already the cleverest one among the three Poké mon collected by Qiuyuan.
The other two …
Metapod is dull every day without turning his eyes.
Lobster Batman is paralyzed every day, except for "Hey, Hey …" He just keeps opening and closing the two tongs.
What do you think? It’s smart to be able to communicate with Qiuyuan normally.
Chapter 3 Zhuo Ka Xiao Dou Ding
"yes! This is such a force! "
"Wrong wrong leaf! !”
"Foliage! !”
At 6 o’clock in the morning, there was a sound of anxiety in the ecological park of feeding competition.
Qiuyuan can watch his mouth gawk and keep directing it to do the right thing.
This is a first-class gawk, but there is still some lack of understanding. After all, there is no way to respond to Qiu Yuan’s instructions at the first time.