Qinchuan thinking about two corners of the mouth was more than I could bear to lift up.
Would senior sister be so happy if she knew?
The second volume The wind blows and Fuxi
Chapter 1 Old dreams
A huge full moon hangs in a half-dyed layer of blood, and there is a rare red in the world.
Wild goose peak is full of ruins, and it is no longer in its former glory.
Qinchuan slowly stood up and swayed in the wind in the night wind with a strong red smell.
The color in his eyes is dim, and I don’t know whether it is its color or whether it is gradually lost in this murderous blood gas.
Lost …
Looking at the once wild goose peak, the incense was flourishing, but the Fuxi doorway number has long since disappeared, and the familiar figures are gradually leaving him.
There are corpses everywhere, solitary smoke grows, and this is better than bloody mountain wind
Qinchuan looked at himself covered with blood, his palm was filthy, and his white cassock was bright red. In the sky of murder, this bloody sky slowly merged into one.
Killing the ancestors and killing the demons.
Didn’t you say I was stupid? Didn’t you laugh at me? Didn’t you say that I can rely on the generation that will always be timid behind the teacher elder sister? Now I’ve killed them myself, and I’m extremely strict with my master. I killed my brother and laughed at him. I killed him and called me a loser. I grew old.
Kill them all.
Qinchuan the carefree smile to the mouth is a bit self-mockery and regret.
"What if I kill him?"
There was a flash of sadness in his heart. He wanted to improve his strength and gain recognition from everyone, but this time he seemed to get what he wanted, but he was inexplicably disappointed.
"Am I wrong?"
Suddenly the sword shadow flashed across a cold light.
The sword in Qinchuan’s hand screams and clangs. In this lonely night, there seems to be snow falling and dancing. The frost is extremely cold. This sword says that frost is the most murderous sword in the dark door, and it is also the culprit that lures Qinchuan to step on the magic road.
At this time, he saw a cold figure in front of him. She was dressed in white and elegant, which was the only cleanliness of the whole world.
And this dancing frost and snow is like a graceful dance in his heart.
"Go back."
She gently calls as if floating with a faint smile and a smile, but it’s all in Qinchuan’s mind. He can really see her face, and there is still some hatred for it.
"Am I really wrong?"
Qin Chuanxin has some slight pain.
He wholeheartedly wants to get her approval and guard by her side, but now it seems that he has been running in the opposite direction. Qinchuan recovered his sword and Zhenyuan dispersed around him, and it was not his intention to strike at the person he loved most.
None of this is Qin Chuan’s intention.
Let’s just say that she died of her sword, and perhaps she has repaid a point. In this world, besides her, Qinchuan has been worried.
"Do it."
Qinchuan said simply that the sword refers to the long front and stabbed her. He smiled slightly in his heart. With her way, he could free himself for a moment and no longer bear this torment.
It’s lonely every day and everything is quiet.
She didn’t move at all, didn’t mobilize a trace of truth, and her figure slowly dumped in a white dress and gradually became so bright with blood.
At this moment, she really smiled as beautiful as a shallow dimple.
"Purple culvert …"
Qinchuan’s expression was stagnant, his voice was hoarse, and his eyes were gradually replaced by holes, and a touch of pain came into his mind in a flash.
A touch of white was gradually soaked with blood, and the whole world became a color, a filthy color. A drop of blood dripped from his sword.
Is ringing like a drop into his heart.
Another as if she were crying.
The wind blows with a thorough heart and coolness.