After Zhang Ji returned to the barracks, although he was also worried about Cao’s sexual safety, then again, Zhang Ji also knew that he was a healer and could do nothing to save Cao’s performance by Chen Hu and others.
He finally remembered Cao Xing’s words and did not hesitate to grind the herbal medicine prescription immediately, and then asked the soldiers to cure it to the people of Qinghe County
In just one night, the plague has been controlled. Today, it is said that half of the people in Qinghe County can get up and walk, and the rest are gradually recovering. It is reassuring to hear that Cao Cao is here.
Finally, Cao Cao resisted the pain and finally let Zhang Ji correct his bones, so that Cao Cao would not leave any sequelae. However, when dressing, Cao Cao let Zhang Ji not have to dress up so carefully and need to dress up a rough deformation. Cao Cao did not want to bear such a heavy burden.
Zhang Ji had some reasons to do this, but he didn’t ask him to do it according to Cao Xing’s instructions. Another day later, Cao Xing’s dressing was completed, and he had a full meal. When the morning came, Cao Xing attracted Chen Hu Chen Hu to be surprised, but there was no way to finally make a wheelchair, that is, two wheels next to a chair, which was a wheelchair of this era.
Then let Cao Xing sit in Chen Hu and push Cao Xing to the big tent in the army. Cao Xing immediately ordered all the military chiefs to come here for discussion.
When everyone arrived, Cao’s eyes became awe-inspiring. He first asked Chen Hu and others if anything happened during his absence. Chen Hu and others thought for a moment and finally told Liu Bei about his visit.
Although Liu Bei was more sincere, at the crucial moment, Chen Hu suddenly remembered the former Cao Xing and told him that if you encounter something, don’t think of asking others first, but think of tapping the potential from yourself and let yourself solve it. If you ask others again and again, it will be ungrateful.
So Chen Hu didn’t respond to Liu Bei’s request in the end, and later someone came to report that Cao Xing had been found, and he took people out directly regardless of so many things.
When Cao Xing listened to these words, he first looked at Chen Hu with a smile on his face and praised Chen Hu for doing a very good job, but then Cao Xing immediately looked at the people’s face and slammed the table directly, which startled them all.
Chen Hu!’
"Give me some soldiers to raid Liu Bei’s barracks at once. If you can kill one, kill one!"
Chen Hudao was startled by Cao Cao’s command. He seemed to think that Cao Cao wanted to kill so much, but Cao Cao stared at him and roared, "What are you doing here? Go quickly! "
People’s department was startled, and hurriedly ordered by Cao Xing to order five thousand cavalry troops to be led by Chen Hu that night, and then the wind generally entered Liu Bei’s barracks. Liu Bei was also a little annoyed at the moment. He seemed to think impassability. Why didn’t Chen Hu, the nerd, accept his suggestion?
But he hasn’t figured it out yet. There’s already a fire outside, and Chen Hu has raided in with people.
Liu Bei was shocked when he saw this place. He quickly grabbed a soldier and said to him, "Go and inform General Zhang and let them meet me with their troops!"
Although Liu Bei has a lot of effective strength in his hands, Cao Xing’s killing was too sudden. Perhaps Liu Bei did not expect when Cao Xing would return to the barracks and launched such an attack on him. Before that, he was not prepared at all.
Cao Xing’s night attack was very beautiful. Anyway, Liu Bei didn’t have any preparation. Chen Hu directly destroyed Liu Bei’s front line of defense and most of the soldiers in the rear were sleeping at all times. Where was the precaution? Chen Hu rushed in with his military forces and hacked a meal directly.
Chen Hu directly wiped out most of Liu Bei’s effective forces. Only half an hour later, it can be seen that Liu Bei and his side have already had some disintegration trends, and now Zhang Feiyu has also remitted to Liu Bei’s side.
At the moment, Yu looked at the sergeant who was fighting ahead with a dragon crescent moon blade in his hand, but he was still calm at the moment. He directly asked Liu Bei, "Brother, how could Chen Hu suddenly lead troops to attack!"
Liu Beiwen’s eyes flashed a different color when he was one leng, but then his face was a look of regret. "Hey! Why didn’t I see that Chen Hu was so shameful? I wanted to help him, but he attacked me while I was unprepared! I’m really … "
Speaking of which, Liu Bei actually cried in public, and Yu sighed when he saw this look, but Zhang Fei next to him couldn’t watch it. He hurriedly waved to Liu Bei and said, "Eldest brother, why are you crying? I can’t stand people crying. Chen Hu’s little skin owes me a slap in the face. I will definitely help you avenge it one day, but now we still don’t think so much. We will return to the plain with the remaining military forces!"
Liu Bei watched his soldiers die and wounded, and finally nodded with tears. Then Liu Bei and Zhang Feiyu rushed to the south with their horses and horses, but they didn’t know that there was already a pair of horses and horses lurking in the grass in the south at all times, waiting for Liu Bei and others to arrive.
Cao Cao was in a wheelchair, and his bright eyes saw Liu Bei running in the front through the sparse grass. Although it was a little dark at the moment, he could still see clearly with Cao Cao’s eyesight.
"Hehe, Liu Xuande is so generous in plotting against the old army!"
In fact, when those men in black appeared, Cao could see that they were definitely from the ranks. Although he suspected Liu Bei in his heart, there was no direct evidence that it was Liu Beigan. However, he was angry when he heard Chen Hu say that Liu Bei had come to talk about the merger.
In this troubled times, there are soldiers who are the king of the grass. How can you be as lean as Liu Bei in troubled times? Chen Hu has more than 10,000 elite cavalry. If you accept yourself, it’s a powerful force.
Liu Bei said that he was willing to give his military forces to Chen Hu, but if the two armies really merged, it might indeed be led by Chen Hu, but as time went by, the commander-in-chief was still Chen Hu, but I’m afraid Chen Hu’s generals were no longer in charge. There may be two people leading his military forces, one Zhang Fei and one feather, who are loyal to Liu Bei, but that’s famous.
What’s going on then? It’s not just him and Liu Bei who say that Cao Cao’s military forces will turn into Liu Bei’s people.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Surrender (2)
Cao Xing has to admit the fact that he is seriously short of generals now. Although all three of them can be qualified generals like Chen Hu, Zhou Cang and Hu Cheer, there is still a big gap compared with those top generals.
Zhang Feiyu is a valiant soldier in the world. If they really enter the military camp, and the military camp is a place to worship the strong, it’s not minutes before they want to control the bottom army. It’s Zhou Cang Hu Cheer who can’t resist. It is said that if they really merge, the soldiers will eventually fall into Liu Bei’s hands. At the thought of this Cao Cao spirit, they won’t fight out. His eyes like eagles have been fixed on Liu Bei, who is riding a fast horse in front.
"Bring me my bow and arrow" Cao Xing said directly to Zhou Cang next to Zhou Cang and immediately moved a bow and arrow with Hu Cheer. Then they squatted in front of each other with bows and arrows, and that part of the bowstring was displayed in front of Cao Xing. Cao Xing only pulled up an arrow with his right hand and then aimed at Liu Bei, who was flying in front.
Although Cao Cao is seriously injured now, he will not regress even if he relies on Cao Cao’s archery. Cao Cao’s eyes are full of a touch of fire. He leans his arrow a little to Liu Bei’s right, and then at a certain moment, the sharp arrow is drawn and roared at Liu Bei’s head.
Now he and Liu Bei are only two hundred paces apart. Cao Xing is sure that he will definitely spend his head on Liu Bei with this arrow, but at this moment, Zhang Feiyu seems to have heard this break, and both of them are surprised.
Feather word directly single-armed live pulls Liu Bei’s horse, while Zhang Fei is blasting, which actually stands in the front of Liu Bei. The arrow directly passes through Zhang Fei’s back, and Zhang Fei seems to be a little impatient with the strength of the arrow, but he was shot at the horse.
Seeing this scene, Liu Bei was really frightened. The whole person was stiff and at a loss on horseback. He didn’t expect that his death would pass by. After all, the feather next to him was the birth of a military commander. At this moment, his performance was relatively calm. First, he immediately turned his horse around and blocked Liu Bei’s front, and then he shouted to the soldiers around him.
"Save my third brother quickly and the other department will come to protect the master!"
When the soldiers around him heard the news, they immediately moved, and Liu Bei was surrounded by water, and Zhang Fei was also screaming.
Then I saw several sharp arrows roaring out from the nearby jungle and directly shooting at Liu Bei’s soldier feather. Let the soldiers help Zhang Fei to help the horse, and then let Zhang Fei and Liu Beixian go. He came back to face the dense monitoring feather. One person stood behind and saw him with his eyes burning, stroking his three-foot beard with one hand and brushing several knives with the dragon crescent moon blade with the other hand. The light flashed near his arrow and was dialed.
Cao Cao’s archers shot at least five rounds of arrows to stay behind. The soldiers couldn’t see the direction of the arrows clearly in this dark place. Most people were shot by arrows and fell to the ground screaming.
However, the arrows that only hit the feather seem to miss the feather. In general, even the horses with feathers and legs are protected by the feather. After several rounds of arrows, the feather just didn’t get an arrow, but when the feather saw Zhang Fei and Liu Bei behind him, they almost walked away, and they also turned their horses around and left quickly.
Seeing that Cao Cao’s itchy roots directly punched himself in a wheelchair, he didn’t expect that his plan was so perfect that there was still a mistake. Liu Bei escaped again.
"Master, do you want me to go with my men!" Zhou Cang and Hu Cheer said to Cao Qi Qi, but Cao Xing was calm at the moment, thought for a moment and finally rejected their suggestion. Then he said to them, "Go to Liu Bei’s barracks first and see if there is any gain!"
After a while, Chen Hu and others rode to find Cao Xing, and then entered Liu Bei’s barracks with Cao Xing. At this moment, the atmosphere of Liu Bei’s barracks was in a depression, and the number of casualties was bright red. The living people had been controlled by Chen Hu’s department.
Chen Hu pushed Cao Xing to Liu Bei’s military camp. After all, Liu Bei was still a new force commander. Even if he captured his army account, Chen Hu ordered the soldiers to protect the contents until Cao Xing came.
Cao Xing entered Liu Beijun’s tent for a circle, then looked at a brazier. At this moment, there seems to be a little smoke rising there. It is obvious that the fire just went out, and there were some pieces of paper in the fire, but it was not finished yet. Chen Hu quickly took out those remaining pieces of paper and handed them to Cao Xing.
What was written in these scraps of paper before they were burned like this? I’m sure the Ministry of Law learned, but Cao Xing saw a Shao word in the last corner of this scrap of paper and there was half a prototype of Yuan word in front of it.
Seeing that Cao Cao’s heart was instantaneous, he was afraid that Cao Cao would take advantage of the situation and directly enter his plain county. However, he did not expect that Liu Bei had already had an affair with Lombardi. It is also a history that Liu Bei once took refuge in Lombardi.
And Lombardi’s attitude towards Liu Bei is not bad, so it can be seen that Liu Bei and Lombardi should have known each other for a long time. Seeing this, Cao Xing feels that his heart is on fire. Whether he was assassinated or not, Liu Bei and Liu Bei are absolutely inseparable anyway. Since Liu Bei died so early, Cao Xing is also welcome.
Chen Hu!’
"Don’t go back and lead me south to the plain!"