Aaron immediately shouted that top cat started the preparation of hundreds of millions of tons of shock waves before he opened his eyes, and then ran to the 1 o’clock direction as soon as his eyes opened. The impact hood also appeared immediately. It felt like deliberate to see that Pikachu opened hundreds of millions of tons of shock waves here in top cat so soon, and he still didn’t flinch. If he planned to collide like this, he could see that because of the size gap, the outcome would be one, and the high-pressure blow would hurt his own moves. But look at Pikachu and Xiao Zhi, they really gambled it all. Actually, there are several reasonable reasons for doing this. What is the right way to hurt the other side even if he is injured more? Aaron doesn’t know if Xiao Zhi thought of this before doing this. If he thought of it, it would be really terrible. Two Poké mon collided together. It was because top cat was dragged back a short distance by the explosion, and Pikachu was directly blown out of the field by the explosion.
Sixteen wins! Four kings of the special operations team?
What do you mean that Xiao Zhi and Pikachu are reasonable? It’s very simple because Pikachu’s physical strength can’t last long. First of all, the level of this battle is higher than Pikachu’s own strength. Pikachu has been playing for a long time to survive until now. The second point is that it should be obvious that top cat is stronger than Pikachu, and it is the most deadly to drag on a protracted war against opponents who are stronger than himself, especially stronger than himself and stronger than his opponents. The third point is the symphony of despair! It’s better to say that Aaron felt that it’s a miracle to fight with the desperate symphony before. Combining these three reasons, Pikachu really wants to seize every opportunity to do harm to top cat if he wants to win. Otherwise, even if you choose to back off this time, you will lose your strength in this battle and will make up for it in the later battle. Will you still have the opportunity to do such harm to top cat? Although it is fatal to be seriously injured at this time, the situation now is that Xiao Zhi needs to constantly fight the situation!
Pikachu was hit and flew to top cat in the same place, but top cat was in a flash, not like the remnants of a high-pressure blast, but hundreds of millions of tons of shock waves. It didn’t feel like top cat would show such discomfort. Aaron immediately turned white. It was estimated that he was paralyzed, and the referee over Pikachu didn’t announce that Pikachu had fallen to Aaron, so he was sure that Pikachu would be able to fight again. Although he was seriously injured, he didn’t seem to be able to even run, that is to say, he could continue playing.
"Pikachu ok? Good force makes thunder! " Xiao Zhi confirmed to Pikachu that top cat was going to move when he heard this, but now he is suffering from hundreds of millions of tons of shock wave pairs and paralysis interference at the same time. It seems that there is a kind of movement that will suddenly make him weak. I feel that top cat can’t move Pikachu back to the venue, and then after a few seconds of Xu Li, he released a strong current and hit top cat while cutting the ground! Top cat’s body is wrapped in the current, which seems to be quite painful. top cat’s ability to withstand skills is not enough to even see Xiaozhi Pikachu thundering. Although his power has been reduced a lot due to physical problems in Pikachu, Xiao Zhi, he is still very strong. It’s been a long time since top cat was attacked by the other side like this. Aaron feels that it is more angry than being hurt. It’s really uncomfortable that top cat horse howled.
"Steel tail!"
However, now is a golden opportunity to attack top cat. Xiao Zhi and Pikachu naturally won’t miss Pikachu’s jumping tail and shining to top cat. top cat intends to avoid it, but the current immediately jumped all over and prevented top cat from moving its steel tail and hitting top cat’s head. However, top cat pushed Pikachu out with all his strength and relied solely on his strength. There were a lot of glowing white balls around Ma top cat, and they were launched together towards Pikachu! Pikachu is agile, but he can’t avoid so many volley attacks at close range. He is knocked down by two white balls, but top cat doesn’t seem to stop, and he is going to do it as soon as he catches the opponent’s gap! Top cat began to gather black energy in his mouth. Is it a shadow ball? But it doesn’t seem to be a shadow ball?
"Hey, hey, I haven’t heard that you can do this trick." Aaron was surprised to see this-a big black energy ball appeared in top cat’s mouth. This is the must-have skill of Gengar at present, and it is also the first famous skill shadow hole by Mr. Komatsu, the trainer of the Pearl Dojo in Platycodon, Chengdu! Shadow Ball Poké mon Many Aaron once imagined that everyone would try to learn shadow holes, but because this skill is too strong, it is very surprising for Aaron that all Poké mon with high spiritual strength, including Chanel, except Gengar, have not succeeded in bringing out top cat.
"Pikachu, get back!" Xiao Zhi saw the game in Gengar before, and he knew what this skill was. He immediately wanted Pikachu to retreat, but at this time, the black energy ball on top cat’s mouth suddenly expanded and then exploded! It caused a big explosion! The explosion swallowed top cat and Pikachu! In the past, there was a big pit in the center of top cat’s foot. top cat shook his head. It seems that the damage is not consistent with the big explosion just now. It is mostly due to the attribute. Because of the damage caused by the ghost of top cat epidemic, it was injured by the explosion impact, while Pikachu has fainted.
"Pikachu lost combat capability and top cat won! The winner of this game is Aaron! " The referee announced that the audience immediately gave a warm hand, not because the fruit of this battle was mostly simply dedicated to this wonderful battle, but also because it was dedicated to the indomitable Xiao Zhi Aaron, who had always told others that Xiao Zhi was difficult to deal with and was the trainer with the greatest uncertainty in his opinion. Although this battle was won by himself, if Xiao Zhi Poké mon Department has the strength to match its own Poké mon and Xiao Zhi makes various tactics this time, can he still win? Aaron has a lot of doubts about this. Even the four heavenly kings have won themselves. I’m actually thinking about fighting Xiao Zhi. I’m not sure if I can win. This is the horrible place in Xiao Zhi, and there is another one. Xiao Zhi’s abnormal spirit ended and Aaron felt like a symphony of despair in the last fight. The feeling didn’t affect Xiao Zhi root, but it was really obvious at first, which means that Xiaozhi and Pikachu gradually overcame the symphony of despair in the battle? If that’s the case, that’s really amazing. Later, Aaron is also going to ask Mother-in-law Ju if this has happened before.
"It’s really worthy of being Aaron. You are really amazing. I lost and lost again." Xiao Zhi came to Aaron at this time and then stretched out his hand and shook hands with Aaron.
"Where is it? According to Xiao Zhi, you will really chase me soon. You have always been one of the most difficult people to deal with in my opinion." Aaron said that Xiao Zhi laughed a few times when he heard this.
"But Aaron won’t take part in the tournament after you, right? After all, you have defeated the Four Kings and won the World Series." Xiao Zhi suddenly said that Aaron nodded his head, but before speaking of this topic, Aaron told Xiao Zhi that he didn’t intend to attend the tournament, but he was deceived by Mr. Alder.
"So this is really the last time you played against Aaron in the league match, but you still failed to defeat Aaron in the league match. Your goal was not completed." Xiao Zhi went on to say that Xiao Zhi meant it.
"You and I don’t stop at the league training. Do you remember what your dream is?" Aaron asked Xiao Zhi if he was one leng.
"Do you still say it? Become a Poké mon master as before!"
"That’s all right. Although I’m sorry, I’m in front of you on this road now, and you and I have to move on. I have a hunch that this will definitely not be the last showdown in the championship or on a bigger stage!" Aaron said it. Xiao Zhi seems to be excited to hear this!
"Ah, good, agreed!"
"Yes, it’s agreed!"
With that, both of them stretched out their right hands and then their fists collided. The audience cheered even more when they saw them doing this!
"Congratulations, Aaron’s entry in the World Series is confirmed." As soon as Aaron and Xiao Zhi went out, Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong were greeted. Xiaoyi immediately said that Xiaoyong went to Xiao Zhi.
"What a pity!" Xiaoyong, is this comforting Xiao Zhi? When did the two become so good? Forget it. Leave it alone.
"Oh, what a wonderful duel!" And when the horse came, Mr. Alder cooperated with Mr. Lian Wu, including three people who were very conspicuous. Aaron recognized it at a glance. It was in Hezhong District that he removed the other three four heavenly kings in Caitlin-Lian Wu Yi Vaccinium!
"This is really a big deal, but I always feel that I want to see you, Mr. Alder. You should have come yesterday." Aaron said that Mr. Alder laughed when he saw this situation
"I knew you would say that. Although I’m a little sorry for the little brother next to me, I will definitely meet you today anyway." Mr. Alder took a look at Xiao Zhi and then continued, "It’s okay to say it directly here. I’m here to ask Aaron who you want to challenge us. Caitlin said that the four of us are willing to fight you." Mr. Alder said that this is a league champion who can get the opportunity to challenge the four kings.
"Well, I’m going to challenge Mr. Alder, but after the two battles between Mr. Lian Wu and Xiao Zhi, I changed my mind. I don’t want to fight Mr. Alder now and I don’t intend to keep this opportunity forever."
"oh? Then what do you think? "
"It’s simple, Xiao Zhi. Can you teach this old man a good lesson instead of me?" Aaron turned directly to Xiao Zhi and said that Xiao Zhi was surprised when he heard this. Mr. Alder seemed to feel very interesting to see Aaron make such a decision.
"can you tell me the reason for doing so?" Mr. Alder asked directly
"It’s very simple that I was tricked into participating in the competition by you. If Mr. Alder doesn’t play this series of tricks, Mr. Lian Wu and Mr. Genji Kikuno’s mother-in-law won’t even dream of participating in the competition. There is no doubt that Xiao Zhi’s coming to this challenge should be something from Xiao Zhi, and I am very satisfied with this league tournament and Mr. Lian Wu after World War I, and then there will be a world series. I’m also going to make good preparations for further cultivation. If I say this, Mr. Alder, you can already understand it." Aaron said that Mr. Alder had laughed a
"Are you afraid that I, the weakest champion of the Four Kings, let you down and hit your enthusiasm for practice instead? From this point of view, it’s really an unpleasant kid. "Mr. Alder directly said that Mr. Lian Wu and others didn’t seem to recognize this meaning. For Aaron, who looked down on his side, Mr. Lian Wu and others looked very angry and wanted to teach him a lesson. But at this time, Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong arrived at Aaron’s side to feed Aaron and didn’t intend to create such a situation full of gunpowder.
"Don’t get excited. What he said is true." Mr. Alder immediately stopped the lotus fog. "But if you just really started to fight with the three of you, oh, no, the four of you are against the four of us. Do you think you have a chance? Two of them are still injured. "
"I’m also interested to know what the power of the four beasts joining hands will be." Xiaoyi directly said that Aaron used to feel strange. Sometimes you can’t be a little more polite when you talk to this goods!
"So that’s it. It’s really difficult to deal with, and you’re sure we won’t do it. Don’t worry. I’ve become very interested after watching you fight Lotus. Maybe I can still beat you four to five. Even if I really beat you, I feel that it won’t dampen your enthusiasm afterwards."
"That’s not enough. All three of us have fought against Mr. Du and watched him fight at close range. Now I have no doubt that Mr. Li Du will still be overwhelmingly defeated by 6-0. It is not enough to say 5-0." Aaron said that Mr. Alder whistled when he heard this.
"Well, there’s no way out. By the way, let’s go back to the original answer. I’m willing to accept it. This little brother here challenges me to wait for me at the Poké mon Center the day after tomorrow. I’ll come to you, and then it’s time for the world series when Aaron meets." Mr. Alder said that he always felt that he hadn’t finished talking, but Mr. Alder didn’t continue to say so, so he left with the three or four kings. In fact, it seems that Miss Zhang and Mr. Vaccinium didn’t feel anything just now. They just saw Excited, they followed together. When they left, Miss Zou and Mr. Vaccinium both said goodbye to several people on Aaron’s side. Aaron just broke away from Hezhong completely. It seems that he broke away from Mr. Lianwu (Aaron thinks), which is lucky in misfortune.
17. Return to Green Yuan Ye and attack the Dark Ball Messenger?
After being separated from Xiao Zhi, Aaron and Xiaoyi also accompanied Xiaoyong to "win" the competition. Xiaoyong lived up to Xiaoyi and Aaron’s expectations and successfully defeated Mr. Brandon. Of course, it is not certain whether Mr. Brandon really helped Aaron here because Mr. Brandon never showed a flustered look as if he didn’t have that expression.
However, up to now, all the members of the special operations team have also won the world competition. Even the four kings of a region have failed to participate in the competition. However, three young players on Aaron’s side have successfully become contestants in the world competition, and the media is also boasting about it. Although Aaron doesn’t resent his becoming more and more famous, look at the words in the media. Is that deliberately provoking the special operations team and the four kings on his side? It’s always this that makes Aaron a little embarrassed to face the Four Kings. Of course, it’s also aimed at Aaron and Xiaoyong. It seems that Xiaoyi is a bastard who doesn’t care at all.
"Then what’s the next step? What should I do when there are still ten days here one month before the start of the World Series? " After Xiaoyong successfully completed the challenge to Mr. Brandon, the three people got together and began to discuss Xiaoyi, saying that both Aaron and Xiaoyong were meditating.
"I didn’t go home for a long time before I went home, and then I rushed to the world stadium in shallow onion city." Xiaoyong said that it is no problem to have direct access to flying boat from Yanmo City to shallow onion city.
"Well, then I’ll go back to Green Yuan Ye," Aaron said. "There are also some things that need to be put aside."
"Are you going to make out with the maid?"
"I can’t ignore what you just said, and it’s not my interest for Xiaomei to wear that dress." Aaron felt that he had forgotten everything he was discussing here just now
"Then Xiaoyi, what about you?" Xiaoyong is very indifferent to Aaron’s spit and asked, so he is used to it.
"I guess I’ll go back to Ruoye Town, though it’s a little far, but it’s still no problem to arrive before the stipulated time. Take flying boat dialect." Xiaoyi said that Aaron didn’t say that he wanted to go back to Zhenxin Town because of this. Although Zhenxin Town and Ruoye Town are next door, don’t you stay for a day or two when you go back? It takes at least two days to go back and forth from Ruoye Town to Zhenxin Town, which is very tight in calculation.
"So it’s all decided, but when it comes to coming and going, Ruoye Town, Green Yuan Ye has direct access to flying boat, and the local dialect must be taken to Kaji Town, flying boat, so we have to separate here." Xiaoyong continued that the three of them are watching each other.
"Aaron, do you want to be with me so much? Really? Well, I’ll consider one. "
"What do you want to consider? Don’t consider anything! I won’t be with you! You looked at me just now, didn’t you? I will be misunderstood by you when I look at you! " Aaron Nai won’t let himself die even if he is about to leave. Because of the problem in flying boat, three people here didn’t continue to grind away the horse, that is, the airport was separated for thousands of years. Speaking of which, everyone didn’t say goodbye. It is superfluous to think that we can meet again in ten days.
"Before you told the Four Kings, you were defeated repeatedly. This time, you finally got your face back in one breath, and the most important thing is that you almost won the gorgeous large-scale celebration and Mi Keli World War I on the table. It can be said that there is an excuse for losing because of the gorgeous competition. Oh, that’s really amazing, my master." Aaron sat in his room in flying boat and did sit-ups. The dream suddenly came out and said that Aaron stopped.
"What are you crazy about? Why do you suddenly say this?"
"Nothing is fun, but it’s true that you are good and you can’t prevaricate all kinds of things with the reason that’ I’m not as good as the Four Kings’. I didn’t expect you to take such a risk that the fire-breathing dragon and the fast dragon won the lotus mist."
"I also what do you want to say? Why don’t you know it very well? After all, you were with me during the training days." Aaron said Super Dream and nodded.
"That’s true, but I didn’t expect the implementation to be so smooth. The only thing that is not perfect this time is that Kota Duck awakens the demon form when it confronts the projecting ghost. This makes people feel that it is not won by strength, but it is sure that Kota Duck has a strong foundation to awaken the demon form now. It is very powerful. At the moment of awakening, it is a pity that if it really exerts the power of God, it may be fatal to wait for the demon form to burden the body. It is not very commendable to advance physical strength but life."
In this way, just because of the league tournament, Aaron here is going to let the Poké mon have a good rest. I don’t plan to continue intensive training. After all, there are still ten days in the world series, and I’m not in a hurry for these ten days. Moreover, I have to spend most of these ten days in flying boat, and there is no suitable training venue. Aaron is very comfortable to chat with Super Dream. After a few days, he returned to green Yuan Ye and returned to green Yuan Ye. Aaron also called Xiaomei for peace for the first time, but Xiaomei said that she would go out to buy things and cook a big meal at once when she heard that Aaron came back
"But didn’t May say that he arrived today?" It was also said before that the start of the Aaron League match happened to be the grand celebration in May. It was already one day since the Aaron League match. However, because Aaron also accompanied Xiaoyong to the Olympic Games, May also went back to Fengyuan’s home first, and then he knew that Aaron was going back to Green Yuan Ye, which meant that he would come to play with Aaron in Green Yuan Ye. After all, the news that Aaron got the world championship was also reported by the media in various regions. It was really good news that three members of the special operations team participated in the competition. Aaron is a representative of May’s hometown Fengyuan League. May is naturally very clear about this news. What do you intend to do as a travel goal? Let’s put it aside and watch the world championship first. Aaron went home directly, but after entering the door, Xiaomei left a note on the table saying that she had gone out to buy things, and wrote that Aaron should look forward to it. There is a smiling face at the end? Aaron hopes that Xiaomei’s face will have more expressions than when she sees this. She always puts things into the room first. It is quite neat and hasn’t been tampered with. Even Aaron put a few in front of the table. These are still on the table and there is no dust. Aaron really feels Xiaomei, the maid … Oh, no, the maid is doing a good job. Aaron waited for a while on the second floor and the horse heard the doorbell.
"Xiaomei is back," Aaron said as he opened the door, but there was a young man outside the door. He should be older than Aaron, but not too old. At most, he was three or four years old. Then Aaron looked a little impressed and seemed to have seen it before.
"I didn’t expect the dragon to come back so well." The other party said coldly that Aaron suddenly felt something was wrong and hurriedly reached for his waist. Poké Ball also knew that Aaron would definitely do it for the first time. He grabbed Aaron and reached out to Poké Ball’s left hand. Aaron was trained to break the other party, and then in Poké Ball, he pressed the flaming chicken and immediately came out. The other party immediately stepped back and retreated to the yard, and then took out a Poké Ball from the waist. Although this person Aaron is a person who can’t remember, this ball Aaron is impressive!
"The dark ball! So it’s the rockets! That’s right You seem to be the one who came to Chengdu and fought with me! Well, you’re the Rockets, and you’re the physiognomist of Bixiasi. "Aaron vaguely remembered something, and even in the Rockets, the dark ball has a special player who belongs to Bixiasi. The props will definitely not be given to an elite player at random, but Dr. Damu and Dr. Zhenghui have failed to analyze the mystery of the dark ball from the fragments brought to them by Aaron today. Since it is so difficult to analyze and manufacture, it must be difficult to give them.
"As always, my brain is still so good, Shenlong. I did play against you. Introduce yourself first-I am an elite member of the Rockets, Nojiro, and I will take your Poké mon!" Said the other party, opening the dark ball in his hand, and it came out, not another Poké mon, but Moltres! Look at this situation. Before the Rockets developed the cloned three birds of God, the dark ball matched the cloned three birds of God. Although the IQ of the cloned three birds of God was insufficient, it would certainly not be easy to deal with if it was strengthened by the dark ball. The flaming chicken became serious when it saw that its opponent was the flaming chicken.
"Jet flame!" The other party’s cold order
"Flaming chicken, we also spray flames!" Along ling
Why not just avoid it? It’s very simple. Alone is followed by Alone’s family. Alone doesn’t want this foreign-style house to be in ruins because of this blow to the flame. What’s more important is that both this house and the surrounding grass and flower beds are carefully taken care of by Xiaomei. Aaron doesn’t know how Xiaomei lived as a suspected left-behind child when Alone was away. If Aaron rarely comes back and makes Xiaomei try to be in ruins, Aaron will never forgive himself! The flaming chicken, Bai Along, will force out the flame to fight.
"Dare to run wild here can’t be forgiven!" Accurately speaking, the flaming chicken and Moltres, which have been strengthened by the dark ball, have a flame confrontation. The flaming chicken is in a weak position, but it seems that it will be suppressed. However, the flaming chicken is also trying its best, and then it comes to Xiaomei, who is very familiar with the sound. Aaron looks at Xiaomei’s hand and is carrying two plastic bags. Xiaomei is saying this. Although it is still the same expression, this language is much more powerful than usual! However, that Nojiro didn’t seem to despise Xiaomei, and she continued to focus on the confrontation with Aaron. However, at this time, Aaron found that there were many poké mon around-walking grass and smelly flowers. Lady Enforcers Rattata Rada Bobbi birds were more fierce than vultures, finches, big mouths, finches, Kirin, odd bears, and there were many other poké mon. It was estimated that there were all kinds of poké mon around here, and it was a very spectacular sight to tell the truth. Seeing so many wild Poké mon, and judging from the expressions of Poké mon people, they are all angry, and the spearhead is obviously aimed at Xiaomei staring at the wild Jiro, and the wild Jiro realized that the woman behind may not be as he thought.
Ten worry! May?
"Wild Poké mon? Very good, let you kill each other. "Nojiro took out a few dark balls from his pocket. What to do is obvious!
"If you run wild here again, I’ll kill you!" Aaron was also very angry from the beginning when he saw that the other side even wanted the dark ball to attack the wild Poké mon here. Aaron’s anger reached the top and suddenly it was also a strong wind. It seemed that Aaron was deliberately creating an aura for Aaron, and he opened a Poké Ball. It was Celebi!