Should I report to you?
Chapter 93 Not what it used to be
The seagull looked suddenly angry and even "Don’t you know, Nell? I also know that you are so familiar with him that you will know. "
"What? You knew then? " Lianjia’s mood is no longer a mixed word.
"It can’t be said that it was at that time. It was after that that my adoptive father took the initiative to tell me because he knew who had done such a thing, but it happened that that person was just like you and me."
Even Jia Jian looked at him with a gloomy face, but it didn’t seem that he had just heard that he was so angry. "Now, no matter what you say, I’m afraid we can’t go back there."
"You said yesterday that you chose a dead end in Bai Hao."
Lian Jian noticed that this seagull is not as close to himself as it was just now. "I have a question, big brother, you must answer me."
"Of course, eldest brother will answer her question."
"What happened after you came yesterday?" Even looked at him with a crooked head.
Seagulls are still very gentle. "Nell is hurt. I can smell a lot of medicine and I want you to have a good rest."
In fact, yesterday, the seagull came to sneak away with Lianwan, and when Lianwan woke up, she had returned to Haiguo, so that she could never leave again. But the seagull was frightened by Lianwan, and she kept having nightmares until she was quiet a little early in the morning. The seagull looked a little distressed.
As early as this Guo Jinghan came back, others came back first. Although Guo Jinghan seemed to be attracted by her, he just wanted to talk with her, but he didn’t do anything disrespectful. Although he would say something frivolous, it would stop here, which made others dare not say anything in person and try to keep him.
"This is why you fan dizzy me? Big brother, what do you want to do? "
"Didn’t also have said? Ni son followed eldest brother back to the sea, ok? "
"Am I so sure that you and Bai Hao have the same idea?"
The seagull smiled, "I didn’t. After all, you should know that he didn’t want Bai Feifei to find a messy person to harm you at that time."
"Why do you want to be so close to me!"
"But her son … eldest brother can’t do anything for you now?"
LianJianJia frowning, "you really become very strange. You looked like him in the daytime yesterday, but what you are doing now is not what I know Bai Hongbing can do! Just like crazy! "
"oh? Is it? Maybe I’m really crazy. I came here and suffered from the stupidity and knowledge of the ancients. Now it’s hard to see you, but you have come for someone else’s goal. It seems that you no longer need my protection. "
As soon as he heard this, he went out of the house directly. It seems that he has been exposed to the eyes of the sea saint. Just now, the seagull’s tone is very obvious, which is not good for Lian Jian.
The day broke into the room directly, and the sting also ran out of the shelter.
However, the seagull looked at Lianjia with a little regret. Before he came, he had investigated the people living in this inn. It must be because of himself that Lianjia suddenly stayed here.
Moreover, you Yan Qimu didn’t consider that Zhou took these things from this auctioneer. After all, you Yan Qimu didn’t want to let others handle these rare things. As a result, it attracted the attention of this seagull. I asked about the convenience of the auction, and I knew their identity. If I linked them again, I would naturally know the information about the royal family in Hua Qian.
Although I was very surprised to see Lianjia yesterday, everyone will change a little after so many years here, which is even worse. But the position of Saint is not much different from what the emperor and she are doing now, and even Lianjia herself is so cautious.
Taking Lian Jian away is the best way he can think of without hurting her and keeping her by his side.
"King Geng’s escort looks very high."
"Eldest brother, after we met, did I ever inquire about the sea country? Besides, Haiguo is particularly safe because it is an island country. Besides, it is enough for the eldest brother to abuse steelmaking and other things to know that Haiguo is not a Geng country to covet now. "
The seagull watched as he slowly retreated from him. "But I just don’t like that you are working for someone else."
"When my adoptive father worked day and night in the other world, why didn’t I see my eldest brother get up and say a word for me?"
"Because of the sudden white before death, if you hadn’t shown your talent, if you were a waste like Bai Feifei, maybe we wouldn’t be separated forever! And you are still doing such a thing, but no one here has died for you. "
Even Jia Jian bit his lip tight. Yes, now no one wants to die for himself … so he will be careful in everything.
The two men didn’t talk at the end of the day. It was so strange that he didn’t have a clue, but even the armor had reached his vicinity. The armor sleeve was pulled behind him to protect him, but this trip stimulated the seagull. The wrist hurt, and the seagull didn’t move, but this day it had a wound on its hand.
"Big Brother!"
Seagull smiled and looked at Lian Jian. "Nell and her eldest brother will go back to Shanghai to discuss whether you will marry or not. Can you go back with your eldest brother first? Have you forgotten? At that time, eldest brother saved your life by learning to gouge out his heart. "
Even lowered his head.
[another world]
The gorgeous manor can’t hide the blood. It looks good. The girl’s body is placed on a stretcher, but you can see the blue-purple mark on the neck. There is a not-so-thick steel rope tied to the center of the blue-purple mark, which is even known to her.
The man next to the body was drinking tea with a beautiful English tea set, smiling and looking very calm. In front of his face, the girl’s eyes were transparent, but there were several tears in the dress, and she did nothing to deal with the scene.
"I know why you killed her, but you can kill people, but you shouldn’t touch one of your brothers and sisters. She is going to marry this old ghost in the Golden Triangle, and no one here can replace her."
"You know the reason, and I don’t want to argue that what I want to do has been done."
The man took out a revolver inlaid with gold from his arms. If it weren’t for some marks at the muzzle, many people would think that this revolver was a decoration. "Bai Xiaoni, you can bring me less benefits than a few years ago, you know?"
"Adoptive father is also a genius. Of course I know that the old ghost has a good impression on me. I can replace her." Bai Xiaoni said calmly.
"But I can’t turn you into a fool. No one here is more stupid than her, but I still have to do something to calm my anger." The man threw the sand eagle to Lian Jia. "I took you to play this Russian roulette."
Bai Xiaoni didn’t hesitate to pick up the gun to himself, but a moment before the gun, Bai Hao rushed out, and the first shot rang. Bai Xiaoni had some cold sweat on his forehead, and Bai Hao grabbed the gun and even fired five shots at the sky. Every shot rang.
"It’s fair to kill someone for you!" Bai Xiaoni now knows what it means to play Russian roulette with the white old man. Everyone is dead, full of bullets and always you first.
Bai Hongbing also walked to come over "father! Please! You know how much Bai Feifei has gone too far! "
"You know, she’s not only buried with Bai Feifei, but also has a lot of addictions. Don’t lose money, even the ancient imperial concubine didn’t have so many people buried with her."
Bai Hao pleaded with Bai Hongbing and was finally stopped by a word.
"It’s better to change your life than to talk nonsense!"
Even Jia Jian looked up at Bai Hongbing. It was just a sentence at that time. The man pulled out his pocket knife and killed himself without hesitation. But … now he has changed and he is no longer the same as before.
"I won’t follow you away."
Chapter 94 A dozen of five
Even the tone of Jian Jian is very firm, but this attitude is actually very ignorant now. But even Jian Jian knows that he can leave without considering anyone, but he doesn’t know whether he can leave this country alive. Do you still have to let him protect himself as in the past?