At this time, a light shone, then disappeared, and then a gust of evil wind blew in from the window. When the curtain was lifted by the wind, it was a brief light, and they also saw a white figure and long loose hair in the window.
This time, not only Chang Youyou shouted out, but even Chang Huanhuan was frightened out, and then "knocked" two immediately resumed the silence at night.
It was dark and quiet in the ancestral temple.
A red candle burns quietly, and the night is already deep, and I am often homesick but not sleepy.
【 The third chapter 6 words updated Chapter 74, ghost who is more terrible?
Sitting on the soft couch and looking at the book by candlelight, she read it quickly and soon turned over a page. Just as she finished reading the last page, the door suddenly rang.
"Lord is a genus!" The sound of clouds and snow coming from outside
A shallow smile floats on the lips of Chang Xiangsi. "Come in and do it."
The door was gently pushed open and simply made a bun. As soon as I entered the room, I walked to the door and smiled and walked towards Chang Acacia.
"Master became! Belong to a spooky outside the ancestral temple, actually didn’t do anything, just that two people in the mind have a ghost, don’t they put out a few candles and start to howl? "
I laughed in a good mood at the thought of the situation just now. "The two men were so scared that it seems that they often peed their pants. I can smell the smell outside and Chang Huanhuan is a little bigger, but it’s really not enough for them to faint soon."
In fact, at the beginning, there were more than that, and some props were not sent to the scene. I didn’t expect those two people to fall down and feel sorry for going here.
The ancestral temple is located in a remote place, and even if the two of them shout their throats out, no one can hear it worse. As soon as it gets dark, people leave early, and the two of them can’t get out even if they want to.
The thought of Chang Youyou, Chang Huanhuan, these two people are scared, and they often miss each other and feel happy. Isn’t it that she is possessed by ghosts? Then let them taste the demon possession!
"You haven’t been found, have you?" I often miss asking, although I am not afraid of getting into trouble, it is better to do more than less.
Cloud through the snow gathered up her face and smiled back to her usual look. "The Lord is at ease, but when he was scared, he insisted that it was the Lord who was playing tricks to scare her, but it didn’t leave any clues. If this matter really needs to be checked up, he can’t find the Lord."
Chang Xiangsi put the book back on the table and smiled and said, "That Chang Youyou has a brain for a while. You have handled this matter well. If you hear about it, it is already very late. Go to rest!"
Cloud through the snow immediately nodded, "The Lord can rest early if he knows how to make decisions."
All right, Li Yun walked through the snow before leaving.
Chang Xiangsi yawned, and the smile on his lips never faded. Chang Youchang Huanhuan is the beginning!
If she is good, she may be able to endure them to give them a place to live, but now she still wants to provoke her, so she should be prepared to be beaten!
She often misses them and tells them that her fists are really hard, even if she changes her body!
To them, Chang Ai-ching was in hot water, and now she will let them live in hot water.
Feng Mo Rao got up early in the morning. These days, he has been living in his own palace with young and energetic men in the backyard, but in his heart, he has been wondering how to get Bei Xuanyu into his backyard.
But yesterday, I heard that Acacia was bullied and she was possessed by a ghost. It was not only in Xiangfu, but the whole imperial city knew that Acacia was possessed by a ghost and planned to burn her down!
This matter has to be talked about, and even heard that some people met ghosts at night!
Isn’t this bullying his head?
By this early morning, Feng Mo Rao woke up out of the Wangfu and hurried non-stop in the direction of Xiangfu. Only when he reached the front door of Xiangfu did he feel abnormal here.
Xiangfu is located in a downtown area, and there are a lot of people passing by on weekdays. Now it’s deserted.
Feng Mo Rao looked at the sky and found that the sun was rising. Did I get up late in the country, the country, the country and the people?
The emperor really manages the country well!
Immediately, I thought that when I heard that Chang Ai-ching’s face changed, and these people were too scared to pass by the gate of Xiangfu by Chang Ai-ching’s ghost possession?
Feng Mo Rao’s carriage kicked open the thick door of Xiangfu before the guard saluted and lifted his feet, and the guard was too scared to say anything.
This is Feng Mo Rao’s second visit to Xiangfu, and she is also homesick.
Chang Xiang went to the housekeeper early, and she wanted to go and leave. Now her position in Xiangfu has been rising, and her first daughter often misses her, but before the housekeeper went to the small courtyard, Feng Mo Rao arrived.
At this time, Chang Acacia just missed it. At the sight of Feng Mo Rao coming hastily, Mei Er pushed open the door of Chang Acacia. Fortunately, Chang Acacia was dressed up and wanted to go out.
At the sight of breaking into Laifeng Morao, he often frowns in lovesickness. "Come here early in the morning. Did you have a brain?"