"Ivysaur rescued Pikachu with a cane whip!" Xiaojing shouted
Ivysaur nodded knowingly and used rattan whip to bring Pikachu to Xiaojing, where Xiaojing picked up Pikachu.
"Are you okay?" Xiaojing said softly. Pikachu wanted to escape. When Xiaojing asked, he looked at Xiaojing curiously.
"Hey Xiaojing, things haven’t happened yet." Aaron patted Xiaojing’s shoulder and woke up.
It turned out that the fire dinosaur was suddenly robbed by Pikachu, and it seemed very angry and cried, and then eight fire dinosaurs came, one of which was very big and green.
It’s Flash Poké mon! Aaron Ma realized
"Small crystal principal you to fix us to fix the accomplice" Aaron said with a smile sundae Xiao Xia smell speech also took out Poké Ball.
"Pikachu!" "Mosquito-repellent frog!" "Right …" Xiao Xia ran out without authorization before he finished shouting Koda Duck …
"Pikachu’s opponent is the green fire dinosaur attack!" Aaron ordered
"Mosquito-repellent frog covers Aaron’s water gun for fire dinosaurs!" Shouted the sundae
"There’s no way out!" Xiao Xia ordered.
Pikachu rushed to the green fire dinosaur, and the fire dinosaur was ready to attack Pikachu. But when I wanted to get close to Pikachu, a high-grade water gun greeted me, so I washed down several fire dinosaurs. In Koda Duck, it was chased by a fire dinosaur, and site run Xiao Xia tried to take it back, but the light couldn’t shine on it. Small crystal Ivysaur was the fire dinosaur fighting, but because of the property problem, Ivysaur was completely suppressed. Whether it was a flying blade sharp knife or a cane would be hit back by the jet flame.
"Pikachu uses a steel tail!" Aaron ordered Pikachu to be close to the fire, and the dinosaur’s tail turned white. When he saw the green fire, the dinosaur grabbed the right hand to shine, and the steel tail of the dragon claw collided. Aaron thought it was a flash. Is Poké mon strong?
The green fire dinosaur used a jet flame to attack Pikachu, and Pikachu was agile and repeatedly avoided.
"That’s it. Pikachu uses 100 thousand volts!" Aaron ordered
Pikachu used 100,000 volts and hit the green fire dinosaur, causing harm to the fire dinosaur.
The green fire dinosaur had a good consciousness. After getting 100,000 volts, Ma Chong went to Pikachu. At that time, the distance between the two Poké mon was not far. As soon as the fire dinosaur arrived in front of Pikachu, it hit Pikachu and flew Pikachu’s small body.
"Get up Pikachu!" Aaron shouted Pikachu.
The green fire dinosaur tried to continue the attack, but Aaron could see that the fire dinosaur was paralyzed by Pikachu’s static effects.
"What a chance Pikachu has!" Aaron ordered
Pikachu quickly rushed forward, and the tail gave off white light again, which made the steel tail hit the green fire dinosaur, and the green fire dinosaur was hurt.
However, the green fire dinosaur didn’t give up its tail, the flame got bigger and a fireball appeared in its mouth.
It’s dragon anger! Aaron Ma realized
This time, the dragon fury was successfully brought out and hit Pikachu, who was badly hurt.
(ps, I don’t recognize the dragon rage fixed damage skill in animation. The dragon rage animation standard in my novel)
The dragon rage caused the explosion, and Pikachu was blown out, but still landed on all fours. Pikachu gasped heavily, but the fire dinosaur was also injured by the close-range explosion wave.
"Pikachu uses 100,000 volts!" Aaron shouted
Pikachu used 100 thousand volts to hit the fire dinosaur, which once again brought harm to the fire dinosaur.
The fire dinosaur tried to use his skills, but the paralyzing effect came out.
"All right, Pikachu, fight with high pressure!" Aaron shouted
Pikachu rushed to the fire dinosaur, whose body was surrounded by light and crashed into the fire dinosaur. The fire dinosaur made a moan and attacked, and the fire dinosaur fell down.
"Okay, go to Poké Ball!" Aaron threw the Poké Ball and hit the green fire dinosaur, which was successfully collected.
Aaron returned to Ditto.
Aaron fought, yes, but the war continued.
Pikachu at 30? ! Arrive in Staten Town!
"How about sundae Xiao Xia? Are you going to collect a few?" Aaron withdrew Pikachu and sent Hakelon, then said
"You’d better catch it. What am I supposed to catch?" Sunda said.
"I’m interested in Water Poké mon and I can’t catch anything with a stupid duck," said Xiao Xia Naidi.
At this time, Xiaojing Ivysaur was defeated, and Xiaojing took back Ivysaur and hugged Pikachu tightly. "I will never give Pikachu to you!" Xiaojing shouted at the fire dinosaur.
"Can I help you?" Aaron walked to Xiaojing’s side. "It seems necessary, then mini dragon!" Aaron sent mini dragon to Sunda and was surprised to see mini dragon. I didn’t expect Aaron to have a Hakron and a mini dragon.
"mini dragon has a strong opponent. Come on," Aaron said.
Mini dragon nodded and then stared at the fire dinosaur mini dragon. Aaron appreciated this serious look.
"Let the mini dragon make the water fluctuate!" Aaron shouted
The mini dragon has made the water fluctuate, although its power is far from that of top cat, but it can still deal with wild Poké mon.
The fluctuation of water turned into a wave and hit the fire dinosaur, which hit the fire dinosaur and pulled out the group.
The fire dinosaur was not yet tenacious, and then it used a jet flame to attack mini dragon
"mini dragon makes protection!" Aaron shouted
The mini dragon used protection to block the jet flame, but the fire dinosaur quickly rushed to mini dragon. The right hand grabbed the glow and it was the dragon’s claw.
"mini dragon, avoid it!" Aaron shouted
However, it didn’t come to the fire, and the dinosaur’s claws hit the mini dragon effect and pulled out the group.
Mini dragon vibrated, and his body was scratched by the fire dinosaur’s African claws, but he didn’t bleed. It was still as blue and white inside as outside.
"So that’s it. mini dragon is going to molt. The fire dinosaur helped mini dragon this time." Aaron said, "mini dragon molt." Aaron said to mini dragon.
Mini dragon rubbed the old skin off a tree, and the dinosaur was polite to wait for mini dragon.
Mini dragon’s molting is finished, showing a more vivid blue.
"All right, let’s keep fighting. The mini dragon makes the water fluctuate!" Aaron shouted
I don’t know if it shed its skin. The fluctuation power of mini dragon water rose to the fire. The dinosaur jumped up and avoided it.
"Good mini dragon makes a sudden freezing light!" Aaron ordered
Mini dragon’s speed has also increased. As soon as he got to the fire dinosaur, he made a sudden freezing light and hit the fire dinosaur. The fire dinosaur’s chest was frozen.